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Lewis Hamilton Fastest in Chinese 2010 Free Practice Session

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Lewis Hamilton posted the fastest time in the 2nd free practice session in China with 1m 35.217s, followed by Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg with 1m 35.465s compared to Jenson Button’s 1m 35.593s. Michael Schumacher was 4th in the second Mercedes on 1m 35.602s. The two Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber completed the sub-1m 36s runners with respective times of 1m 35.791s and 1m 35.995s.

Lewis Hamilton’s comments:

We may have topped the timesheets in each session, but I don’t necessarily think today’s times make us the favourites for this race. The car does feel good, but our pace looks pretty similar to some of the other cars on long runs.

Everyone talks about us having a straight-line advantage, but that’s not true – other cars have the same speed as us at the end of the straight. We’re a little bit quicker than some teams, but, equally, they’re able to run more downforce. It’s about getting a good balance – and we feel we’ve got that.

We’re continuing with the good feeling we felt in Malaysia, but we’ve made some further subtle changes and they were encouraging. I come out of today with a positive feeling – we’ll now keep our heads down and concentrate on gaining a strong qualifying position tomorrow.

Formula 1 Brazil Practice Sessions

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Lewis Hamilton topped the Interlagos time sheets in Free Practice 2:

1.  HAMILTON     McLaren       1m12.767s
2.  ALONSO       McLaren       1m12.889s
3.  MASSA        Ferrari       1m13.075s
4.  RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       1m13.112s
5.  FISICHELLA   Renault       1m13.549s
6.  KUBICA       BMW           1m13.587s
7.  ROSBERG      Williams      1m13.655s
8.  NAKAJIMA     Williams      1m13.664s
9.  COULTHARD    Red Bull      1m13.706s
10. HEIDFELD     BMW           1m13.785s
11. SCHUMACHER   Toyota        1m13.829s
12. KOVALAINEN   Renault       1m13.879s
13. BARRICHELLO  Honda         1m13.892s
14. BUTTON       Honda         1m14.095s
15. LIUZZI       Toro Rosso    1m14.152s
16. TRULLI       Toyota        1m14.179s
17. VETTEL       Toro Rosso    1m14.409s
18. SATO         Super Aguri   1m14.431s
19. DAVIDSON     Super Aguri   1m14.477s
20. WEBBER       Red Bull      1m14.543s
21. SUTIL        Spyker        1m15.095s
22. YAMAMOTO     Spyker        1m15.715s

Brazil Free Practice Session 1:

1.  RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       1m19.580s
2.  MASSA        Ferrari       1m20.062s
3.  KOVALAINEN   Renault       1m20.829s
4.  ROSBERG      Williams      1m21.064s
5.  HAMILTON     McLaren       1m21.121s
6.  SCHUMACHER   Toyota        1m21.243s
7.  VETTEL       Toro Rosso    1m21.598s
8.  WEBBER       Red Bull      1m22.104s
9.  TRULLI       Toyota        1m22.104s
10. LIUZZI       Toro Rosso    1m22.250s
11. BARRICHELLO  Honda         1m22.434s
12. BUTTON       Honda         1m22.477s
13. COULTHARD    Red Bull      1m22.667s
14. SATO         Super Aguri   1m22.929s
15. SUTIL        Spyker        1m23.248s
16. NAKAJIMA     Williams      1m23.261s
17. DAVIDSON     Super Aguri   1m23.551s
18. YAMAMOTO     Spyker        1m24.366s

19. HEIDFELD     BMW           no time
20. KUBICA       BMW           no time
21. ALONSO       McLaren       no time
22. FISICHELLA   Renault       no time

F1 Hamilton

Lewis 4th In 2nd Chinese Free Practice

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Lewis Hamilton ended up in fourth position in the second Chinese free practice after going off the track while exploring the limits of the car.

Chinese Free Practice Session 2:

1.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       1m36.607s
2.  ALONSO        McLaren       1m36.613s
3.  MASSA         Ferrari       1m36.630s
4.  HAMILTON      McLaren       1m36.876s
5.  TRULLI        Toyota        1m37.151s
6.  WEBBER        Red Bull      1m37.450s
7.  SCHUMACHER    Toyota        1m37.524s
8.  COULTHARD     Red Bull      1m37.617s
9.  ROSBERG       Williams      1m37.646s
10. FISICHELLA    Renault       1m37.970s
11. KOVALAINEN    Renault       1m38.062s
12. BUTTON        Honda         1m38.205s
13. BARRICHELLO   Honda         1m38.304s
14. KUBICA        BMW           1m38.379s
15. HEIDFELD      BMW           1m38.388s
16. WURZ          Williams      1m38.531s
17. DAVIDSON      Super Aguri   1m38.975s
18. LIUZZI        Toro Rosso    1m39.065s
19. SUTIL         Spyker        1m39.224s
20. SATO          Super Aguri   1m39.360s
21. VETTEL        Toro Rosso    1m39.404s
22. YAMAMOTO      Spyker        1m40.051s

Lewis Hamilton News

Japan Free Practice

Friday, September 28th, 2007

This weekends Formula 1 Grand Prix race will not be at the usual location, Honda owned Suzuka, but at the Toyota owned Fuji Speedway.

I heard the track isn’t as exciting as Suzuka – but let’s wait and see how the race is before making up opinions.

The McLaren’s seem to be fastest so far – but it’s difficult to say as the fuel loads of Ferrari & co. are unknown.

Japanese GP Free Practice 2 Results:

1.  HAMILTON      McLaren       1m18.734s
2.  ALONSO        McLaren       1m18.948s
3.  MASSA         Ferrari       1m19.483s
4.  TRULLI        Toyota        1m19.711s
5.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       1m19.714s
6.  KOVALAINEN    Renault       1m19.799s
7.  FISICHELLA    Renault       1m19.926s
8.  COULTHARD     Red Bull      1m19.949s
9.  SCHUMACHER    Toyota        1m19.969s
10. KUBICA        BMW           1m20.069s
11. WEBBER        Red Bull      1m20.069s
12. WURZ          Williams      1m20.263s
13. ROSBERG       Williams      1m20.270s
14. BUTTON        Honda         1m20.336s
15. HEIDFELD      BMW           1m20.462s
16. SUTIL         Spyker        1m20.736s
17. BARRICHELLO   Honda         1m20.869s
18. LIUZZI        Toro Rosso    1m20.985s
19. VETTEL        Toro Rosso    1m20.997s
20. DAVIDSON      Super Aguri   1m21.007s
21. YAMAMOTO      Spyker        1m21.305s
22. SATO          Super Aguri   1m21.352s

Hungarian GP Free Practice Sessions

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Hungarian Formula 1 Round Free Practice 1 & 2 Results.

In the first free practice session Hamilton was 5th, nearly 3-tenths behind. In free practice 2 he was 3rd – but over 4-tenths behind Alonso.

Hungarian GP, free practice session two times:

1. ALONSO Mclaren 1m20.919s
2. KOVALAINEN Renault 1m21.283s
3. HAMILTON McLaren 1m21.338s
4. ROSBERG Williams 1m21.485s
5. HEIDFELD BMW 1m21.517s
6. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m21.589s
7. MASSA Ferrari 1m21.620s
8. FISICHELLA Renault 1m21.698s
9. TRULLI Toyota 1m21.857s
10. KUBICA BMW 1m21.906s
11. SCHUMACHER Toyota 1m21.912s
12. WURZ Williams 1m21.987s
13. WEBBER Red Bull 1m22.325s
14. COULTHARD Red Bull 1m22.483s
15. DAVIDSON Super Aguri 1m22.510s
16. BUTTON Honda 1m22.550s
17. SATO Super Aguri 1m22.556s
18. BARRICHELLO Honda 1m22.727s
19. LIUZZI Toro Rosso 1m23.136s
20. VETTEL Toro Rosso 1m23.148s
21. SUTIL Spyker 1m23.673s
22. YAMAMOTO Spyker 1m26.307s

Hungarian GP, free practice session one times:

1. KUBICA BMW 1m22.390s
2. MASSA Ferrari 1m22.519s
3. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m22.540s
4. ALONSO Mclaren 1m22.585s
5. HAMILTON McLaren 1m22.654s
6. HEIDFELD BMW 1m22.891s
7. ROSBERG Williams 1m22.983s
8. BUTTON Honda 1m23.294s
9. BARRICHELLO Honda 1m23.601s
10. SCHUMACHER Toyota 1m23.802s
11. DAVIDSON Super Aguri 1m24.102s
12. TRULLI Toyota 1m24.318s
13. WURZ Williams 1m24.321s
14. COULTHARD Red Bull 1m24.474s
15. KOVALAINEN Renault 1m24.733s
16. VETTEL Toro Rosso 1m24.905s
17. FISICHELLA Renault 1m24.920s
18. LIUZZI Toro Rosso 1m24.976s
19. SATO Super Aguri 1m25.307s
20. WEBBER Red Bull 1m25.584s
21. SUTIL Spyker 1m26.332s
22. YAMAMOTO Spyker 1m28.118s