Tough French Magny-Cour Race For Hamilton

June 22nd, 2008

We’ve gotta admit that this must have been a really tough race for Lewis Hamilton who is fighting for his maiden Formula 1 World Championship. Unfortunately the FIA penalty from last race lost him 10 starting-grid positions. There are different opinions about this and Lewis had to take a lot of sh*t for it.

What mattered most today is that he could not have a competitive race starting way back in 13th position as there is only one real overtaking opportunity at Magny-Cour. The lack of overtaking chances really made it a very tough French Grand Prix for him because he just couldn’t pass the car in front even though it was 0.5 seconds a lap slower. This is his second no-points-finish in a row! This has got to change

Current Formula 1 Championship Standings:

48 Felipe Massa
46 Robert Kubica
43 Kimi Raikkonen
38 Lewis Hamilton
28 Nick Heidfeld

Lewis is already 10 points behind F1 Championship leader Felipe Massa now. Let’s hope things will turn around for him in the next races. The season is long and a lot of things can still happen, but he needs to finish well consistently from now on.

French Formula 1 Race Results 2008:

1.  MASSA        Ferrari       
2.  RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       +17.9s
3.  TRULLI       Toyota        +28.2s
4.  KOVALAINEN   McLaren       +28.9s
5.  KUBICA       BMW           +30.5s
6.  WEBBER       Red Bull      +40.3s
7.  PIQUET       Renault       +41.0s
8.  ALONSO       Renault       +43.3s
9.  COULTHARD    Red Bull      +51.0s
10. HAMILTON     McLaren       +54.5s
11. GLOCK        Toyota        +57.7s
12. VETTEL       Toro Rosso    +58.0s
13. HEIDFELD     BMW           +62.0s
14. BARRICHELLO  Honda         +1 lap
15. NAKAJIMA     Williams      +1 lap
16. ROSBERG      Williams      +1 lap
17. BOURDAIS     Toro Rosso    +1 lap
18. FISICHELLA   Force India   +1 lap
19. SUTIL        Force India   +1 lap
R.  BUTTON       Honda         +54 laps

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2 Responses to “Tough French Magny-Cour Race For Hamilton”

  1. Charity says:

    This year I promised I would not support any team :):) Would just watch the sport for the love of the game :):). Ya right :):)

    Was really sad that you did not win the championship last year but I still have the hope that you will do it this year. I am actually so pissed (upset) right now. I have watched the video for the ‘pass’ you made on Vettel at yesterday’s race and it is clear that you did pass him. I do not understand the penalty.

    My advice – stay away from the press – I think there is too much coverage around you that it is distracting you. Forget them – forget what people think about you. Know who you are and what you have achieved. Last year was no fluke – you are the best and do not doubt that. Keep you head high. Bring it home Lewis. Apart from God – I have never had as much faith in something as I have for you. Just ooooosaa – let it all out. Good Luck Silverstone – things will turn right

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