Superb Hamilton Fuji Pole Lap

September 29th, 2007

In an extraordinary wet qualifying at the Fuji Speedway in Japan, Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton drove a sensational pole position lap under tricky wet / damp conditions with time running out fast.

Lewis seemed to be struggling throughout the final qualifying session, hovering around fourth position and making a few pit stops along the way. But at his final qualifying lap he managed to get a stunning pole position lap in of 1m25.368s, around 0.1 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso.

Formula One Fuji Speedway Starting Grid:

1.  HAMILTON        McLaren
2.  ALONSO          McLaren
3.  RAIKKONEN       Ferrari
4.  MASSA           Ferrari
5.  HEIDFELD        BMW
6.  BUTTON          Honda
7.  WEBBER          Red Bull
8.  VETTEL          Toro Rosso
9.  KUBICA          BMW
10. FISICHELLA      Renault
11. KOVALAINEN      Renault
12. COULTHARD       Red Bull
13. TRULLI          Toyota
14. LIUZZI          Toro Rosso
15. SCHUMACHER      Toyota
16. ROSBERG         Williams
17. BARRICHELLO     Honda
18. WURZ            Williams
19. DAVIDSON        Super Aguri
20. SUTIL           Spyker
21. SATO            Super Aguri
22. YAMAMOTO        Spyker

One Response to “Superb Hamilton Fuji Pole Lap”

  1. f1wolf says:

    great last gasp effort, after missing out few times on P1 during the Q3 … rain tomorrow is almost sure thing, will be fun to watch 🙂

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