Singapore Night Race Sneak Peek McLaren Video

September 20th, 2008

A behind the scenes and sneak peek video of Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren team getting the car ready for the Singapre Grand Prix night race. 😉

Get your Lewis Hamilton Cap.

4 Responses to “Singapore Night Race Sneak Peek McLaren Video”

  1. raph says:

    haha – that’s so funny!

  2. Hest says:

    Today FIA decides, if the penalty for Hamilton was ok or not. If Hamilton wins, he gets 4 points and Massa looses 2, if he looses, the points stay as they are.

    Crossing my fingers for Hamilton.

  3. Hest says:

    I see, there are still no news on the site about it, but Hamilton lost his apeal and dosn’t get his points back 🙁

    Thx to FIArari

  4. Hiem Hong says:

    For what it is worth…. Lewis should have been reinstated as winner of Spa.

    Lewis go for it do not let “politics” disturb you. Your goal is to be WORLD CHAMPION and I say that you will be.

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