New Exciting F1 Street Races In 2008

August 17th, 2008

Lewis Hamilton is currently leading the Formula 1 World Championship by 5 points with 7 races to go. Two of the new exciting races in 2008 are both street circuits. The first race is coming up next week in Valencia and the other Grand Prix will be the first night race held in Singapore.

The New European Grand Prix in Valencia

The new Valencia street circuit is no ordinary street circuit such as Monaco, which is narrow, slow and twisty. It will be a different type or racing track. It looks to be one of the faster circuits with an average speed of 140 mph and a top speed of 200 mph on the main straight!Valencia F1 Street Circuit

The track will be wide enough for several overtaking opportunities which should make things exciting.

The track is located at the Juan Carlos I Marina, home to the recent 32nd America’s Cup yacht race.

Norbert Haug had the following to say about the new Valencia track:

When you think about temporary street races in Formula One, you mainly think about Monaco. However, Valencia does not have very much in common with this classic race; just that both cities are located on the Mediterranean coast and that both circuits lead along the harbour front.McLaren testing at Valencia

This is not typical for a street race; it is more like a version of Silverstone or Monza but located in a city. While the Monte Carlo race is the slowest of the year with an average speed of about 156 km/h for the fastest lap, and is also the shortest with a race distance of almost 254 kilometres, we face a race distance of 310 kilometres in Valencia and a track on which the cars will reach 300 km/h or more five times per lap.

Heikki Kovalainen said this about the Valencia track:

It looks pretty fast, to be honest. You get used to street circuits being quite slow, with lots of slow- to medium-speed corners and very short straights, but this is almost the opposite. There are a lot of fast kinks and esses, a couple of decent straights and lots of high-speed stuff.

Valencia Grand Prix Statistics:

Valencia Race Date: 24 Aug 2008
Number of Laps: 57
Circuit Length: 5.440 km
Race Distance: 310.080 km

The New Singapore Grand Prix

The new Singapore street circuit will be the first night race in Formula 1. It will be an exciting race and really interesting to see how the maiden night race turns out to be. And we won’t have to get up in the middle of the night. 😉

Singapore F1 Street Circuit

Organisers have confirmed that the lighting system that will be used will be lined down one side of the track to avoid a glare on the TV cameras, with the whole track to be consistently lit that is four times brighter than the lights at current sports stadiums.

The Singapore F1 track should be slower than at Valencia but definitely shouldn’t be less exciting as being night race can bring many new interesting attributes and factors to the race that we have yet to witness.

Singapore Grand Prix Statistics:

Valencia Race Date: 28 Sep 2008
Number of Laps: 61
Circuit Length: 5.067 km
Race Distance: 309.087 km

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  1. Petre Kocev says:

    lewis is the champions mclaren forever lewis hamilton is the best driver

  2. This year has become another interesting year in Formula 1. Thinking back of the days of McLaren and Ferrari domination, the past couple of years have been a crap shoot to figure out who is going to finish where. The FIA has done a good job in scrambling up the field. Sometimes getting boring though….

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