Mid-Season F1 Poll: Main Lewis Hamilton Competitor?

July 15th, 2010

The Formula 1 season just passed halfway and Lewis Hamilton is leading the championship by 12 points, ahead of his McLaren team mate Jenson Button. The season seems to be shaping up nicely for Lewis and McLaren. The Red Bull’s fighting each other recently has helped Lewis to do super well in the last few races getting 86 points from a possible 100!

The current F1 driver championship standings are:

145 Lewis Hamilton
133 Jenson Button
128 Mark Webber
121 Sebastian Vettel
98 Fernando Alonso
90 Nico Rosberg

Who do you think will be challenging Lewis Hamilton the most until the end of the season? In the previous poll at the start of the season Fernando Alonso was voted to be most competitive – but it seems he’s been having some issues lately.

Voting has now finished >> see the results.

6 Responses to “Mid-Season F1 Poll: Main Lewis Hamilton Competitor?”

  1. Have everything crossed for a Championship

  2. Snellcomp says:

    Fantastic run so far Lewis, you have matured into an amazing driver! Keep up the great work and stay focused & pure (in the car anyway).

    Sincere best from Denver Colorado

  3. Jean Carr says:

    What a fantasic seaon so far,keep up the good work.It just gets better and better!!!!

  4. Jean Carr says:

    It just gets better and better !!! What a fantastic season so far,keep up the good work.

  5. Prince Charles Anaba says:

    Lewis has shown his critics the right stuff he’s made of. He has also shown that he’s the best British Champion for what he did in Silverstone. The only driver i see that would give him a run for his money is Mark Webber. Am confident in what Lweis can do,and as the race goes on,the world is yet to see the strange effect he would bring to Formula 1.I beg the engineers to do all withing their power and come up with something spectacular,as for Lewis,he would not fail to deliver,as we the fans pray for his safety. Pushing is not his problem.

  6. Prince Anaba says:

    Lewis is smart and brilliant. He would do all within his power to clinch the tittle this year,despite the tight margins. He knows what is at stake here,and he has matured soooo much. I have confidence in him. Cheers my man,you can do it.

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