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April 26th, 2011

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18 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton Weekly Newsletter”

  1. niku says:

    hi Lewis 1

  2. bjorn blockeel says:

    LEWIS,this year world champion!!i feel it man,great race at china….you are the best!!

  3. zwelethu says:

    Can u guyz please make the site to be mobile friendly check out mobile.formula1.com as an example, this one is not good and bordering on being amateurish, go hammy!

  4. joe says:

    best race ive seen for a while nice to see a lot of overtaking althou every race you take part in we know you give it your all pal lets race some more

  5. Steph says:

    Race ur pants off Lewis. Want u to be world champion again. Go Lewis!!

  6. hassan says:

    man u´re unbilievable.no 1 like.u´re better than Senna.and i´ll alwyz e ya fan

  7. amanda says:

    Fantastic race in China, brilliant tactics. A long season ahead but showing such great promise. Seems like a lifetime away at the moment but I cannot wait for Turkey. Good luck xx

  8. Oscar Ruffinelli says:

    is inbeliebeble how the racism is still in this world in this era, lewis maybe you don’t kwow my country, but i can tell you here in Paraguay you have a lot of fans and i’m one of them from senna i’m not enjoy this way the F1 THANK YOU MISTER THANK YOU

  9. calvin cardenas says:

    Lewis, every time you drive your f1 on track i get that feeling that Senna use to give me.. keep up the good work.. Drive your heart out..

  10. Carlos says:

    Lewis eres el mejor! me gusta tu manera agresiva de conducir. eres un gran luchador en pista, espero que siempre seas asi y te deseo toda la suerte del mundo en tu carrera en F1. saludos desde Venezuela. soy un gran fan tuyo

  11. Rosildo says:

    God luck lewis and a hope you win this year

  12. Graham says:

    Lewis when you drive and are not held back with tactics or politics it is like Senna is in the cockpit with you you find spaces where anyone else would bottle it, you understand your car perfectly you are true racing driver like Senna. You are a legend in your own time.

  13. chioma aghoghobe says:

    Keep the good work, 1 and my family are strongly behind you!

  14. diane james says:

    brillent driving at china hope you do as well this weekend you are more than capable of winning and being world champion come on lewis you are the best

  15. bekim says:

    Lewis this year is yours i will be very very happy if you be came world champion this 2011 i wish you luck.

  16. Amanda says:

    Great race in China looking forward to Turkey. Best of luck for you and Jenson xxxx

  17. Jose says:

    Que tal Lewis te felicito por la forma en que conduces tu MacLaren F1, eres excelente y muestras mucha valentia en cada una de las competencias con tu bolido que me parece esta super bien…!! dale duro a ese McLaren porque el aleman Vettel no puede con tu flecha plateada…saludos hermano desde Venezuela

  18. Cecilia says:

    Hi Lewis, Keep the faith as I have every confidence you’ll bounce back the same way you did in China…Good race with Jenson..Good luck for Barcelona

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