POLL: Lewis Hamilton’s Strongest Competitor in 2011?

March 20th, 2011

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40 Responses to “POLL: Lewis Hamilton’s Strongest Competitor in 2011?”

  1. Pauline Siddons says:

    Dear Lewis
    I hope this season gets off to a good start for you. I know that you can win the championship again. Just believe in yourself.
    Hope the new car is good also.
    Will be watching with great interest.
    Your best fan

  2. Eleanor says:

    Good Luck Lewis for the 2011 season

  3. Lars says:

    Dear Lewis,

    This season will be much better for you !
    Since I have seen you in Formula 1 , I am your Fan.
    You are one of the best drivers in F1, so believe in you and you will reach your aims! I am sure.
    Wish you a great success in your F1-Career.
    I would like to meet you, but it is unpossible.

    Greets from Germany

  4. calvin cardenas says:

    Lewis you are the best driver in the world.. no doubt about it.. senna like in a way..

  5. Henry says:

    Hi Lewis. I have always watch your races from germany. I dont have much to complain but rather encourage you to be strong and continue to be yourself. Try face Alonso like a man. He does not like you but you should know this anyway. So knock him out as a sportsman and live the rest for the journalist. Thanks and goodluck. Henry

  6. kirubaa says:

    hy u hammy … :D….. am from INDIA

    …… am great fan of you …….
    ……. hope you will win title this season …..
    ……. dont feel bad about car ….its too early to worry …..
    ……. kick button’s butt & made him to score for constructors title …


  7. KK says:

    Good luck this season Lewis your by far the best driver there so if the cars as good as you then you will be the champ at the end of season again. KK

  8. irene says:

    Lewis, I wish you all the best this season, I have got hooked to watching F1 since I first watched you take the crown in 2008.

  9. amanda says:


    bring on f1 cannot wait 🙂

  10. Dylan says:

    Good luck with the 2011 season opener Lewis!
    I have been following the winter testing quite closely, and I hope for you, Jenson and Mclaren as a whole that your car for this year improves from the pace/reliability shown so far!
    But overall you are definitely my favourite driver, I’m a real fan bro.
    Your strongest competitor, is either going to be yourself, or it’s going to be Jenson, as he is in identical hardware to you.
    From NZ

  11. Kat says:

    Good Luck Lewis! Even when things are against you, you fans are always behind you. Your No. 1 fan…….Kat

  12. Garry G says:

    Good Luck Lewis,
    Keep your head down this season, don’t get involved with any of the politics and show everyone what a true RACER you are.. Lets make this a season to remember!!

    Fingers crossed as always!!

  13. Amani Roberts says:

    Dear Lewis

    I know you are a great racer and you can win the championship once again as you are simply the best. Believe in what you are best at, your dreams and yourself and you will surely win. I am your biggest fan and one of your friends little bro. Good luck and all the very best for 2011 F!. Amani Roberts

  14. Amjah Man says:

    Lewis..1 week to go for grand opening 2011 F1 season.HOPE you can win for the 1st race…GO LEWIS!!

  15. Lyra Mavrick says:

    Lewis …

    You are the best Formula 1 driver I have ever seen.
    My husband and I just love watching your aggressive, fast, clean driving technique.
    The mark of a real driver is the ability to overtake and you are in a class of its own compared to the rest of the current F1 drivers, when it comes to that.

    So, keep it up Lewis. We hope the 2011 Championship will be yours.
    We will be watching every moment of it.

    By the way, my husband is the biggest Formula 1 fan in the entire USA …
    He has recorded every F1 race since 1998, which was the first year he could
    get F1 on TV.
    Also, he followed your career in GP2 and became an immediate fan of yours, because he was so impressed with your driving skill.

  16. Maynul says:

    Lewis u just drive
    Fan’s r with u…………..

  17. Joseph Dumary says:

    My man Lewis, I think you can win the first race..I hope you will become champion again..and we all know you can do it…

  18. Chris says:

    Well Lewis hope you have a great season, your by far the best driver on the track love your driving style keep focus and all the best in 2011 F1

  19. Manoj says:

    Good luck Lewis… I shall be rooting for you… and I hope the guys at McLaren give you a good car and you turn it into a legend… something your future generations shall look forward to.

    Sort of how I look at Gilles Villeneuve’s car in 79. You are an impersonation of him anyways.

    Good luck!

  20. GoLewis!! says:

    C’mon Lewis. Got you in our F1 pool this year. You win..I’ll split the $140 with ya!!

  21. annieb says:

    waiting for you Lewis. Bring it on.

  22. les wass says:

    well lewis another season hope you win the championship again cant wait for it to start

  23. Have a great season, I’m certain you can win the championship this year, your certainly the most entertaining driver out there with raw talent so just beleive you can do it, hope the car is quicker, and McLaren can make it go even faster throughout the year.

  24. Mark Thompson says:

    Wish you the best of luck for 2011 Lewis.

    I truly hope that, from the off, those wizard engineers in woking deliver you a machine that is worthy of your talent. It’d be a real dissapointment if they had to spend several races playing catch up (again!)

  25. Natalija says:

    Good luck Lewis.. I hope you win the championship…. I believe in you… 🙂

  26. Ken Hall says:

    There’s no doubt that the strongest competitors in F1 are Hamilton and Alonso. There is almost no difference in speed, ability, determination, talent or skill between them. It is clear to me that if either of them had been partnering Vettel in the Red Bull last year that they would have won the title with races to spare.

    So what makes me a Hamilton fan, rather than an Alonso fan? Simple. It is attitude and temperament. Alonso does not want to compete on equal terms in equal equipment. Like Prost, he wants unfair advantages all the time.

    Hamilton wants to beat the other guy with as equal equipment, so he can rightly claim, it was not because of a better car.

    Good luck for the coming season Lewis. I hope you win the title again.

  27. Mojo says:

    Hey Lewis, we will be rooting for you this weekend, don’t take any crap from anyone, you are my hero who was badly let down by inferior equipment xxxx

  28. Flor Aelbrecht says:

    Hi Lewis,
    Ayrton Senna was the best racedriver ever!
    But when I see you on the racetrack…You bring him back alive!
    Keep up the good work!
    Good luck for the coming season.
    Flor Aelbrecht

  29. T. Roy says:

    Lewis will be the new Champ this season.

  30. Andy Rockley says:


    Your the most exciting driver on the track at the moment- daring, precise and imaginative.

    Good luck and give it beans! 🙂


  31. braz says:

    lewis for me you are the best. i always wiill be with you

    you are my favourite pilot and my favourite sportman

    you are my hero

    i love you so much

    good luck lewis

    you are the best

    but don’t forget you are the most exciting and ……………….

    this is a message from albania

  32. Because of you Lewis… I am and do.


    David Sims Jr #55

  33. Shirley says:

    Dear Lewis,

    Have been following the pre-season testing. Though car may not be as competitive as it seems, but I know you can make it. You’re a RACER! You’ll race all the way out!!! Good luck to you!!!

    Hope McLaren can produce what they promise!

  34. Kobbe says:

    Have and will always believe in you…go get ’em!!!

  35. rosemary says:

    hello lewis, you are such a talented driver i watch f1 b’cos of you i cried when you crash, i become sad when you did not win, i become mad when alonso overtakes you, and i becom sooo happy when you win and me and my husband will watch that race over and over through out the week. so please lewis try as much as you can to reduce mistakes and win more races for me i love u sooooo much, may good lord sees you through the entire race. and be bless.
    your unknown sister from (GHANA)am also ur facebook fun.

  36. Nick Pario says:

    Hi Lewis, I am absolutely thrilled to be communicating with you, you’re definately my no. 1 F1 driver. I’m going all d way with you d entire season, I’ll support you & Mclaren fervently, luv ya! Best of luck @ Albert Park on Sunday.

  37. binyam says:

    hi leiws no fear u can do it, i need pole leiws,u can defend the defnding chmp. from ethiopia

  38. Sud says:

    U can do it Lewis…we want to c u holding the 2011 title
    All the best from Nepal

  39. Lyra Mavrick says:

    Congratulations Lewis !!!
    Finishing second is not bad at all … especially with an injured car.
    Great job.

    Good luck for the next race …


  40. Joan Martin says:

    Good Luck to you Lewis!!! I am from Philippines..since I live now in the UK
    I really love watching and following every season of F1 b’coz of my hubby is loving it, too! U’re the proud of british people!!! All the best from Joan & Francis Martin xxxxx

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