Lewis Hamilton qualified 2nd in Abu Dhabi

November 12th, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has been on fire throughout all the practice sessions. It looked like Lewis had the car hooked up perfectly and was going to have a blinder. He led all practice sessions by around half a second.

In qualifying Hamilton also looked supreme and continued to be on top in Q1 and Q2. Unfortunately in Q3 there was a bit more traffic on the second run (Alonso was about 2-3 seconds in front) and he didn’t manage to quite hook the lap up perfectly. Nevertheless, it’s great to see Lewis back fighting at the front. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s twilight race in Abu Dhabi!

Lewis Hamilton’s comments:

It would be nice to have had pole position, but that Red Bull, as always, is very quick in Q3! Still, we’ve got our car to a point where it works particularly well on certain tracks, and we always seem to go well here.

To be as competitive as we’ve been this weekend is very encouraging – we’re on the front row so we can have a good race from there. And, for the first time in quite a while, my long-run pace was pretty good too, and I think we had more fuel on board than some of the other teams. I feel really good about tomorrow, in fact.

I hope I have a good start – I really want to get into Turn One first. But, if I can’t, I’ll follow Sebastian [Vettel] as closely as I can, I’ll try my hardest not to let him get more than a second ahead, and I’ll try to get ahead through the DRS zones.

Last year I started second but braked early into Turn One and let Sebastian have the corner. I’ve just told him that’s not going to happen tomorrow, though…

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