Lewis Hamilton’s main competitor in 2010 voted by fans

March 16th, 2010

The results from the poll on who would be Lewis Hamilton’s main competitor in the 2010 Formula 1 season are here.

Over 1700 Lewis Hamilton fans have participated in the poll.
Here are the results:

Lewis Hamilton's Main Competitor in 2010 Poll Results

Fernando Alonso has received the most votes for being Lewis Hamilton’s competitor by a country mile. Which seems to reflect his win in Bahrain last weekend.

Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher are relatively close together followed by Sebastian Vettel. I would have thought that Vettel would be most competitive after Alonso, as he as proven to be very good. We don’t know how Michael Schumacher was going to do so he’s a bit of an unknown and it also largely depends on how Mercedes GP improve. But he’s always going to be a threat.

It was also surprising that Nico Rosberg received so few votes as he’s a quality driver!

The 2010 Formula 1 season is certainly going to be interesting.

Poll results in %:
Fernando Alonso – 38.07%
Jenson Button – 19.62%
Michael Schumacher – 18.22%
Sebastian Vettel – 13.62%
Felipe Massa – 8.03%
Mark Webber – 1.28%
Nico Rosberg – 1.16%

4 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton’s main competitor in 2010 voted by fans”

  1. Sarah says:

    Well that reflects a true assessment I think. But hamilton can totally win this.

  2. maidinkent says:

    whatever the result, I know you’ll give them a run for their money. I’ll be cheering you on every turn of the wheels! All the very best for 2011 season Lewis.

  3. Oyaro says:

    I hope the team sorts out the car and please you don’t have to win every race butt score points. The tally at the end is what matters.

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