Lewis Hamilton has gearbox failure in Brazil

November 27th, 2011

An unfortunate DNF after Lewis Hamilton started from 4th position in Brazil and dropped to 5th behind Alonso in the first few corners who also nearly caught Jenson Button. Lewis was doing well and stayed closely behind Alonso until he started having gearshift issues…

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the race:

“At the start I wanted to avoid any aggro, and that meant I lost a position to Fernando. After that I had reasonably decent pace, and I was able to stay close to Fernando and Jenson until I encountered a gearbox problem.

“It occurred quite early on – I was having problems with first and second – and it meant I started losing quite a lot of time and Fernando and Jenson were able to pull away from me. The problem meant I stopped being able to make good, clean gearshifts. Then I lost seventh, and then the whole thing just let go.

“Of course, it’s not the way I’d like to have ended the season, but it wasn’t so bad. I enjoyed my race while it lasted. I was challenging Felipe and I was hoping I’d get him, but then the gearbox failure stopped me.

“It’s been a long year, and I want to say a huge thank-you to the team. They’ve never given up, and they’ve worked incredibly hard all season. We didn’t get the ultimate result we wanted, but we had some great times along the way.

“I’ll be attacking next season; 2012 will be my year.”

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