Lewis Hamilton finishes 5th in Singapore

September 25th, 2011

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the race:

Congratulations to Seb on a great drive – he drove fantastically all weekend.

And well done to Jenson, too – he showed what was possible from our package by really getting the maximum out of it. He nearly brought home the victory too – so I’m encouraged that we can continue to challenge for wins for the rest of the season.

I had fun picking off cars after my penalty, but it was frustrating to once again be down the field when I felt we had a car that could have challenged up at the front.

For me, this weekend was a bit of a missed opportunity. As always, though, I’ll put it behind me – I’m already looking forward to Suzuka!

One Response to “Lewis Hamilton finishes 5th in Singapore”

  1. joao neto says:

    Great drive, Hamilton. You are one of the only guys in the field that knows what is to “go racing”. Sorry to say that, but its a pleasure to see other drivers trying to push you into making mistakes (playing innocents), some times even accomplishing that, for in the end, see you hunt them down, pass them, and let them stuck behind cars which you had no problem in overtaking. If there is a car that gives the impression to go down and up thru the field with easy is yours. You are a Race Car Driver, period! Hope McLaren take good care of you. My country had great drivers once, but now, we have just a couple of duchebags. Senna forever! From Brazil…

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