Lewis Hamilton Finishes 4th 3rd in Australia

March 29th, 2009

Lewis Hamilton manages to finish in 4th 3rd place after starting from 18th in Melbourne, Australia.

What an incredible weekend this has been for Lewis Hamilton. After qualifying in 15th position and then being put to the back of the grid because of a gearbox change – it has to be said that this really is a good result at this point in time.

Yes, it’s true that the race was not won by Lewis and yes, McLaren doesn’t seem to be super-competitive at the moment. Unlike Brawn-GP (formerly Honda), who won the race, McLaren hasn’t been concentrating on the 2009 car for as long as they put most of their efforts into the 2008 car, which won the Formula 1 world championship in 2008.

The 2009 Australian Grand Prix Result:

1.  BUTTON       Brawn
2.  BARRICHELLO  Brawn         +0.8s
3.  TRULLI       Toyota        +1.6s
4.  HAMILTON     McLaren       +2.9s
5.  GLOCK        Toyota        +4.4s
6.  ALONSO       Renault       +4.8s
7.  ROSBERG      Williams      +5.7s
8.  BUEMI        Toro Rosso    +6.0s
9.  BOURDAIS     Toro Rosso    +6.2s
10. SUTIL        Force India   +6.3s
11. HEIDFELD     BMW           +7.0s
12. FISICHELLA   Force India   +7.3s
13. WEBBER       Red Bull      +1 lap
14. VETTEL       Red Bull      +2 laps
15. KUBICA       BMW           +3 laps
16. RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       +3 laps
R.  MASSA        Ferrari       +13 laps
R.  PIQUET       Renault       +34 laps
R.  NAKAJIMA     Williams      +41 laps
R.  KOVALAINEN   McLaren       +58 laps

This result can still change on April 14th when the hearing is scheduled regarding the diffusers being used by Brawn, Toyota and Williams. Also, Barrichello overtook Trulli under a safety car which is also under investigation.

Update: Lewis Hamilton is now 3rd after Trulli received a 25-second penalty for overtaking under the safety car.


McLaren principal Martin Whitmarsh’s post-race reaction:

The stewards are currently deliberating and we hope we finished third.

Under the last safety car, Jarno Trulli’s Toyota fell off the circuit and was on the grass. Lewis passed as he legitimately can do so. Thereafter Trulli passed under the safety car.

The early indications from the stewards are they felt that was incorrect. My gut feeling is it will be third.

Third or fourth shows Lewis has tremendous discipline, he did some fantastic overtaking – it was a demonstration of what a great world champion he is.

But frankly it will take a number of weeks to catch the Brawn car, which is a consequence of 16 months investment from Honda to build a car.

We’re under-developed comparatively and have a lot of work to do to catch up. But we’ll be pushing hard and race by race hopefully we’ll be eroding their advantage.

Lewis Hamilton’s reactions:

I would definitely have taken that (before the race., We did the best job we could, I think it was an incredible job done by the team throughout the whole weekend.

We kept our spirits up even though we were off the pace. We showed the true spirit of the team.

I’m very happy with those points.

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  1. Charity says:

    Didn’t I predict this yesterday ??? 🙂 I did say the Brawns would be hard to beat but Lewis would get third place !!!! This is an awesome awesome AWESOME result – wishful thinking the FIA might rule againist the ‘diffuser’ three. Yeah I know thats is not how races are won but Mclaren needed to do some damage control this weekend and this will definately do !!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS LEWIS !!!!!! Hope Malaysia will be much better – lets get back to our winning ways !!!

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