Lewis Hamilton finishes 2nd in Korea

October 16th, 2011

Lewis Hamilton drove a very good race today in Korea. Lewis finished 2nd even though he started from pole position but the Red Bull’s just had a much faster race pace. Lewis did very well to manage to hold onto 2nd position with Mark Webber following Lewis closely and within the DRS zone for at least the last 15 laps.

Well done to Lewis and let’s hope he can keep up this good performance. The McLaren car is looking much better recently although still some way behind the Red Bulls.

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the Korean F1 race:

This was one of my strongest races of the season. There was so much pressure from Mark [Webber] behind and it would have been so easy to make a mistake, lock up or go wide – but I’m really satisfied that I didn’t do so once. I believe that withstanding pressure is the mark of a world champion, and I think I showed that in today’s race.

Our car started off reasonably well, but the front-end dropped away through the race. By the end, all the switches in the cockpit that could help me were adjusted to the maximum! The differential and front wing were at the maximum possible, and there was still nothing I could do.

I was driving into corners with almost maximum lock and the car still wasn’t turning – so I couldn’t carry the speed through the corners, and that’s how Mark was able to catch me. It was only after the race that I discovered we had an issue with debris lodged in the front wing, and that’s probably what caused the under-steer.

This was a good, strong result for the team. The guys didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend, so we should be proud of today’s result – but, man, it was hard!

I really hope we can carry our continued momentum through the next three races. It feels good to be back.

2 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton finishes 2nd in Korea”

  1. Jim Kelly says:

    Well done Lewis, you did really well to hold off Mark the way your car was handling. Good luck for the next race.

  2. joao neto says:

    Some events in a race are worth the race. You and Webber did that. Congrats!

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