Lewis Hamilton finishes 2nd in Barcelona

May 22nd, 2011

Today was another fantastic race performance by Lewis Hamilton. It was a great race to watch and it was action-packed from start to finish.

Lewis did very well to finish in 2nd position having started in 3rd and briefly dropping down to 4th after Alonso’s brief lead in the first few laps.

He hasn’t closed the points-gap to Vettel but Lewis is consistently performing very well given the various circumstances and situations thrown at him and every Lewis Hamilton fan should be very proud! McLaren are really doing a great job with the continued car development.

Very much looking forward to Monaco next weekend!

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the race:

“A superb team effort”

I was pleasantly surprised by how fast we were today. In race trim, I actually think we were quicker than the Red Bulls, except through the really high-speed stuff.

I pushed as hard as I could all afternoon, and I’m really happy with the result – a few more laps and it might have been a different order at the front, but I just ran out of time at the end.

Despite DRS, it’s still very difficult to overtake at this track – you can’t follow through Turn Three or Turn Nine, so that makes it really hard. Also, I was in Sebastian’s [Vettel] dirty air and the car was sliding a lot – it was incredibly tough behind him.

We’re probably still losing out a bit too much in qualifying, but our race pace is right there. So, as you’d expect, we’ll be looking at ways of improving our qualifying pace.

I was also really happy to see Jenson come through and finish on the podium – it’s a great result for the team. Now I’m already looking forward to Monaco – it’s a circuit where high-speed downforce is less critical and where the driver can make a difference, so it should be a strong track for us.

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  1. ana maria says:

    hamiltom, you were fantastic today in barcelona, you will first the next time, for my baby and i you are the best in the F1 CONGRATULATION…. sorry for my engish…

  2. Rory Allen says:

    Hi Guys,

    have just watched the Monte Carlo F1. If ever there was an obvious, extended , planned stitch-up ,it began on Saturday grid placings, with Lewis ending up in 10th Place for today’s Championship race.

    While the Monte Carlo track, based on the actual downtown traffic
    roads of that elitist region, is an extemely difficult venue for the fast ,
    fragile and pricely-priced racing machines in a competely wrong
    enirvironment, the contestants perform well on the tricky and highly
    hazardous track, the limited lock to lock steering geometry of the FI
    cannot safely deal with the acute hairpin bends at the speeds of
    virtual ‘combat’, even in regard to the finest FI drivers.

    However, in Hamilton’s case, with his well=fought position as runner up
    in the World Championship list, would naturally be expected to strive
    to make up for the stinging grid placing in which the officials placed him.

    He showed great determination in the first sveral laps to recover his
    position , and in the first obvious ‘mugging’ ther high angle foortage
    showed that there was a glaring move to close him down, resutling in
    the other car sustaining damage. For this, Hamilton was penalised with
    a 20 second drive-by.

    In the secong mobbing, again by drivers way back in the order, an
    almost copy-cat move by another car occurred again , causing a major
    race shut-down , to be resumed after quick ane efficoent clearance by
    track perdonnel. Again , Lewis Haimllton was penalised as the cuase of
    the incident.
    Any analyses of both incidents will show that Hamilton had no part in
    causing the collisions, but in each case obviously strove to keep his car
    safely on course , despite the almost identical ‘diving’ move by both of
    the other vehicles at the midship point of Hamilton’s car.

    This looks extremely suspicious, and should call for proper investigation,
    not by the FI people , but by a neutral and professsional authority,

    I noted that Lewis light-heatedly suggested that the chain of events could
    be bcause his is “Black”. As a ‘white@ South African, who has a son of the same hue as Lewis, and one who hsd some hard knocks from a former
    racist regime , I have to say that racism is selectively and quietly thriving behind the masks , despite all the ko-towing and jockeying for position
    with President Obama’s UK visit.

    On Saturday morning, Lewis was well placed to challenge Vettel’s lead in
    the F1 Chanpionship. By Saturday afternoon , and his unfortunate(?) 10th
    Grid placing for today’s event, his threat was grwtly reduced , but when it
    became obvious that he could progress throught the field these strnnage,
    indentical ‘tactical’ incidients occurred.

    Hamilton mentioned that in six races he was ‘disciplined’ and penalised five times for , I presume for unclear transgressions.

    I have an uncomfortable feeling that people somewhere may feel that for
    a ‘black’ icon figure who has acheivedcertain as much as Lewis Hamilton to become a World Champion FI Driver may not be a popular idea .

    But to millions, nay billions across the World , perhaps dirt-poor, perhaps
    just about surividing in the tinhut townships of Kyalitsha and Khartoum,
    there would be inspiration, even pride as they learn that advice from
    Obama, “Yes We Can !”

    May I suggest that the Fifa prob idea be also directed toward F1 affairs and in particular to set up an immediate watch on FI procedures
    and especially on its negative focus on Lewis Hamilton. This ia vital in
    the rune up to the approaching Canadian FI event so hat he can
    prepare, free from harrassment , for that event.

    Any punitive mind-loading by the FI officials prior to the event would be
    tantamount to actual sabotage of his eforts and his career, and could well
    be actionable.

    Hamilton, a few million South Africans are with you !


    Rather than

  3. Rory Allen says:

    I have just submitted comment on the tretament of Lewis Hamilton,
    but the spellcheck button did not work- so there are few typos.

    Could you please cechk back with me so that i xam make these few
    corrections . or can you do tehm in house ? Thanks Rory Allen

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