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February 28th, 2008

There’s a strong Lewis Hamilton fan community growing at the Lewis Hamilton Facebook Fan Page with thousands of fan members. Plenty of well-wishers for Lewis, forums and fans are posting pictures of themselves with Hamilton including some pictures of the early days – he had funny hair back then 🙂

21 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton Facebook Fan Page”

  1. John says:

    wow thats a cool fanpage -thanks for the tip

  2. Heather Hamilton! says:

    I LOVE Lewis! Ihave watched every race since he started racing and would be my dream come true to actually meet him! No offense but you aint got much info on him av you! and it’s not a very fun site either!!!

  3. Thank you for your comment Heather. Yes, the site can always be improved. Any specific things you’d like to see on the site to make it a better browsing experience for you?

  4. Xoli Xaba says:

    Lewis Hamilton has finally been afforded the chance to showcase his ability, skill and bravery.
    The diffuser allowed on the Brawn GPs and the Redbulls at the start of the season have worked in their advantage.
    Bernie Ecclestone seemed to let other teams get advantage over others. Now the playing fields have almost been levelled. It’s a little too late to challenge the Brawn GP though.
    Next season will hopefully be better for everyone.

  5. Iris Xv says:

    Lewis,I’m one of you devoted fans.
    It is not only your appearance but also your skill that attract me so much.
    No matter what happens,I’ll stand with you.

  6. Iris Xv says:

    I’m going to university in these days.New life,new challenges.I’ll try my best to treasure everyday.Though I can’t watch your each match,I’ll Pray for you.Lewis,you see you have many fans in China.We all love you very much, and we will support you forever. Truly believe that u will be the champion this year! Best Wishes!

  7. Iris Xv says:

    Lewis,you got the winner yesterday.I enjoyed all the game and prayed for you.It not an easy job for you to get the champion.But who laugh last, who will be the winner.Finally you Realize your dream–it’s also our dream.All of your fans around the world cheered for you.Lewis,you are the best in my heart.Best wishes!(~ o ~)~Mua~Haha

  8. Iris Xv says:

    Go.I truly believe that you can win at last.

  9. Iris Xv says:

    Lew,no matter what happens,you are the best in my heart.^O^~~~

  10. Iris Xv says:

    Lew,come on next season.

  11. Iris says:

    Where are you?I am here.

  12. Iirs says:

    Lew,merry Christmas eve!

  13. Polina Dakova says:

    Happy Birthday Lewis,I wish you health and World title for 2011

  14. Iris Xv says:

    New start!~\(≧▽≦)/~

  15. Iris Xv says:

    Lew,we are all waiting for your compete.Come on!!

  16. steve says:

    lewis don’t sign that life time job at mclaren and go to red bull because ther willing to let go of webber and you can show up vettel in the same car but you do now but the weaving rule is stupid.

  17. steve says:

    come on lewis forget about kuala lumpar aand go to china and win

  18. steve says:

    lewis i’m steve’s son t’ve been writing all the comment’s but could you and mclaren sponser me? well done for the effort in kuala lunpar.

  19. steve says:

    sorry didn’t finish the request could you sponser me in comer cadet racing and if you want to see me in action then type in racewaybirmingham you will see tyler and so and so and i’m ten in june

  20. leonard lobramonte says:

    me and my son oel are fans of yours, we always watch F1 races and we are dreaming of meeting and watching you live in the race. good luck and may God guides you everywhere.

  21. Iris Xv says:

    Lew,good job!It’s a hard match.But you still got No.4.I am so proud of you.

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