Lewis Hamilton Excluded from Australian Grand Prix

April 2nd, 2009

Lewis Hamilton has been excluded from the Australian Grand Prix after the overtaking Jarno Trulli. Previously Jarno had reveived a 25-second penalty but now Trulli has now has his 3rd position reinstated and Lewis Hamilton lost his 3rd position.

Apparently Lewis or McLaren had giving ‘misleading’  information to the stewards by giving them a different version of the events which have been said said publicly shortly before.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh had the following to say:

We are disappointed by what has happened but in the circumstances we are not going to appeal. There is no implication that Lewis lied to the stewards.

As I understand there is a belief that the team was not explicit enough in the content of the radio communications to the stewards. What they believe is that the omission of the information about the radio communication between the team was withheld and that is misleading.

I believe it was a harsh decision. Lewis made a legitimate pass and then was repassed – at the time the team asked race control several times about the repass but they were too busy to answer that question so we felt the decision in the immediate aftermath was fair. I think it’s a regrettable day. It certainly wasn’t a deliberate attempt (to mislead the stewards).

4 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton Excluded from Australian Grand Prix”

  1. Charity says:

    Wow, wow wow. I am so speechless. I was gloating the other day that with the FIA it is never over until the fat lady sings. How could the ruin such an awesome drive – is this how we are starting the season? It is the FIA aganist Hamilton. They refused to hear Hamilton appeal last year and why did they do this now. Maybe bowling to a better option to watch right now.

  2. MAS ASSASSIN says:

    I guess they have not learned from last season YOU CANT KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN!
    Strip him of points, expel him from the race he’s going to be right up there next race.
    Last year he had a great battle, they tried to stop him he still won by one point, this year he went from 18th to 4th, then 3rd, and now he’s OUT!
    SHAME ON F1.
    But Lewis will be back more determined than ever, they can’t stop GREATNESS!

  3. Anne Tabbner says:

    Shame on the F1 Organisation. Where is the fairness, logic, professionalism that the world champion Lewis Hamilton deserves. Are the F1 just a bunch of “old cronies” that can’t accept the young skill and talent of Lewis Hamilton? 2008 Saw the F1 “pick” on Lewis for unfair issues, and
    now 2009 starts off with a controvesy caused by the F1 being confused by their own rules. Shame on you F1 organisation!! Long may Lewis Hamilton reign as World Champion.

  4. Chip Power says:

    How can anybody say nothing in favor of a LIAR.
    He has recognized he is a liar and worst of all in Mclaren they have searched and found somebody to blame…

    Hope FIA will send all this portfolio to the FIA council cause this action has put the sport in desrispute. Shame on Hamilton and for me McLaren has lost all the credit won through the years. Too bad

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