Lewis Hamilton DNF in Canada

June 13th, 2011

Another weekend that hasn’t gone Lewis Hamilton’s way. You could see that Lewis was driving very well, pushing and overtaking cars until the misunderstanding with his McLaren team-mate.

It seems that the root of the recent problems lie with the qualifying results as this is putting Lewis in a lower grid position which is putting extra pressure on him to make it back to the front to keep in touch with Vettel.

It has to be said that it didn’t exactly go Vettel’s way either who made a mistake on the last lap letting Jenson Button through to take the win.

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the Montreal race:

First of all, I have to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Jenson – he drove an absolutely incredible race and thoroughly deserved this victory. It was an utterly fantastic performance, from a truly great driver.

I’m also sorry for the team; they’ve worked really hard this week and we could have done with the points that a two-car finish would have earned us today.

Although the conditions were very tricky from the start, I had pretty good grip and I was doing the best I could to keep the car on the track; I think I had pretty good race pace, and I didn’t have any particular problems.

I touched Mark’s [Webber] car after he braked a bit early into the first corner. He left me enough room, but I touched the inside kerb and understeered into him.

Then I started fighting back. After I fell back behind Jenson, he outbraked himself into the final chicane and got a poor exit, so I was able to get a good run on him. It felt to me like I was halfway alongside him down the pits straight – but, as he probably hadn’t spotted me, he continued moving across on the racing line.

There was no room for me, so I hit the wall. Of course, I don’t think it was intentional: I know Jenson well enough and I know he wouldn’t do that. He’s a good guy.

So, now, I’ll just focus on the next race and the rest of the season. It would be great if we could qualify a little higher up the grid in order to stay out of trouble in Valencia; but our race pace is good and I really want to do well there.

4 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton DNF in Canada”

  1. jan says:

    I fully support you and the way you are racing. …” It seems that the root of the recent problems lie with the qualifying results as this is putting Lewis in a lower grid position which is putting responsibility on him to make it back to the front to keep in touch with Vettel with fastest car which is good only for qualifications”… as you are the only driver who understands that not putting the pressure” what is the must” from the very start, enables SV to win easier as other drivers do not usually fight only drive their cars behind him being affraid to be punished for normal racing/passing. In recent races you are very fast and after qualifications you are placed lower on the grid. It would be unsatisfacory for everyone who is the real racer even for SV or FA or so…In my opinion something should be done (rules) with overpassing the slower drivers (see Massa and others in Monaco). If I am a real driver (Monaco GP) and seeing you behind me chasing SV I would clearly let you past me. Because You are faster let you fight with faster ones I am slower I will fight with the slower ones without no shame on me. You live at your level and I will live at my level…Massa seeing you behind him should have without any shame let you past him and everything would have been fine for Massa, You and me as a fan watching the Monaco/Canada GP…Sorry for my English I am from the Slovak Republic. By the way I was born on January 07, 1962 and my son who is also your fan was born in 1985….

  2. Fernando Nascar says:

    Hello Lewis, I would say you’re a true racer, as it was in F1 Juan Pablo Montoya, but unfortunately when the situation should not come out as the criticisms are inevitable. As a fan I must say that think a little more impetus in its aggression but never lose because riders like you are not like this become common as they did with JP montoya that did not fit in this scheme and have strong character slot, was virtually banned from F1. I’m only sad when you compare the Airton Senna, despite being Brazilian I never identified myself with him for this being a pilot is not very fair in their disputes, and after he turned off the microphones and little else sensible! Congratulations on your style racer and remains so. Hug.
    Fernando nascar – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  3. joao neto says:

    Hello! That was a nice PR talk coming from you, Hamilton! Now, after all said and done, the ones who believe Button did not see you coming to take control of that piece of real estate between his car and the wall, will believe in anything! But tomorrow is another day like Valencia will be another race. Don’t let those guys change your stile. F1 needs you racing like you do!
    Joao Neto (JMV), SA, Brasil

  4. N.sidonio says:

    I dont believe that button ddnt see you behind him, I just dont. And if it were you doing that to him the steward would penalize you as soon as possible. I am glad of you being a racer that you are. You came to F1 to give a knew blood, if you go back at the time when schumacher was winning, that wasnt F1. that something else but not F1.

    God bless you

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