Lewis Hamilton DNF in Belgium

August 28th, 2011

Unfortunately Lewis Hamilton didn’t finish the Belgian F1 race as there was a collision with Kobayashi. Up until then Lewis was having a good race. After overtaking Kobayashi, Lewis moved over back onto the racing line but unfortunately couldn’t see the speed Kobayashi had gained (he had less wing on the car) and he was moving to the outside or the circuit just before taking the corning they collided.

Personally I can’t say that it really was Hamilton’s fault. As a fan I’d have to simply say that Lewis was in front and he was going back onto the racing line after the overtake. The driver behind has to lift if there isn’t enough room on the track. Anyway, Monza next, should be awesome!

Lewis Hamilton’s comments:

It wasn’t as simple as just going from 13th to third today. At the start, somebody hit me at the rear and damaged a rear-wing endplate. At the exit of Turn One, there was debris everywhere, and somebody else’s front wing went through my front wing and sliced my right-side mirror off. I also had to make an early pitstop, so it was hardly perfect!

The team had a look at the data and saw that the damage was manageable, so I held on for a few more laps in order to make the strategy work. Then, after that, I drove flat-out to the end of the race.

I think everybody had an issue with the front-left tyre, so it was tricky to know when to push. But my pace was pretty good considering the damage we had, and I really enjoyed attacking and passing people.

Our car is the best it’s been all year, and I feel better than I ever have in Formula 1. We just need to stop the little mistakes from happening so that we can win even more races.

Hopefully, we can go out and fight for the win in Monza.

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