Hamilton Wins Spectacular 3rd At Belgian Grand Prix

September 7th, 2008

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Lewis Hamilton Wins Spectacular Belgian Grand Prix. WOW!! What an exciting ending at the Spa Grand Prix.

Lewis started from pole and lead the race for a lap or two before Kimi manage to take the lead at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.Hamilton Wins at Spa

Kimi was leading most of the race but after the final stop the Finn didn’t look too comfortable on the hard-compound tyre and Hamilton was catching up. Then in the last few laps it started to rain and get pretty slippery and the cars were sliding around all over the place.

Then Lewis cought Kimi up and tried to overtake but was blocked on the first attempt. After a few more corners Lewis managed to get ahead but then went wide and Kimi overtook Hamilton again. Kimi then took the lead again but then spunn off in to the wall giving Hamilton the lead again.

UK visitors will be able to watch the highlights here.

Belgian Grand Prix Race Results:

1.  HAMILTON      McLaren
2.  MASSA         Ferrari       +14.4s
3.  HEIDFELD      BMW           +23.8s
4.  ALONSO        Renault       +28.9s
5.  VETTEL        Toro Rosso    +29.0s
6.  KUBICA        BMW           +29.4s
7.  BOURDAIS      Toro Rosso    +31.1s
8.  GLOCK         Toyota        +56.5s
9.  WEBBER        Red Bull      +57.2s
10. KOVALAINEN    McLaren       +1 lap
11. COULTHARD     Red Bull      +1 lap
12. ROSBERG       Williams      +1 lap
13. SUTIL         Force India   +1 lap
14. NAKAJIMA      Williams      +1 lap
15. BUTTON        Honda         +1 lap
16. TRULLI        Toyota        +1 lap
17. FISICHELLA    Force India   +1 lap
R.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       +1 lap
R.  BARRICHELLO   Honda         +25 laps
R.  PIQUET        Renault       +31 laps

Got your Lewis Hamilton Cap?

UPDATE: Hamilton penalised, Massa handed win 🙁

Lewis Hamilton has had his Belgian Grand Prix victory overturned by the stewards, handing the win to title rival Felipe Massa, who finished second on the road.

Hamilton was given a 25-second penalty for cutting the Bus Stop chicane during his wheel-to-wheel battle for the lead with Kimi Raikkonen during the closing laps.

FIA Statement:

The stewards, having received a report from the race director and having met with the drivers and team managers involved, have…determine a breach of the regulations has been committed by the competitor and impose the penalty referred to cut the chicane and gained an advantage – thereby breaching Article 30.3(a) of the sporting regulations and Appendix L chapter 4 Article 2 (g) of the International Sporting Code.

Revised Belgian Grand Prix result

1.  MASSA         Ferrari       
2.  HEIDFELD      BMW           
3.  HAMILTON      McLaren*      
4.  ALONSO        Renault       
5.  VETTEL        Toro Rosso    
6.  KUBICA        BMW           
7.  BOURDAIS      Toro Rosso    
8.  WEBBER        Red Bull
9.  GLOCK         Toyota*      
10. KOVALAINEN    McLaren       
11. COULTHARD     Red Bull      
12. ROSBERG       Williams      
13. SUTIL         Force India   
14. NAKAJIMA      Williams      
15. BUTTON        Honda        
16. TRULLI        Toyota        
17. FISICHELLA    Force India  
R.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       
R.  BARRICHELLO   Honda         
R.  PIQUET        Renault       

*25-second time penalty

Update 2
Here’s a video showing the last few laps and you can clearly see that Hamilton did cut the corner before the pit straight – but you can also see that Lewis let Kimi in front again on the strait and then overtook him again from behind before the first corner:

38 Responses to “Hamilton Wins Spectacular 3rd At Belgian Grand Prix”

  1. v leeming says:

    what a joke! the FIA should hang their heads in shame, you did nothing wrong Lewis

    If they don’t want people to race eachother they shouldn’t put races on, If you don’t win the appeal then boycott the next race – they obviously will find some reason not to let you win that one either!

    If this stands I will never watch F1 again there is no point if this farce is allowed to continue


  2. Hest says:

    This is outrageous. Never have I heard anything more stupid like this. I’m going to call it corruption…

    If this is how formula1 is going to be in the future, Ferrari and FIA being friends, it will spoil the whole sport.
    Hamilton didn’t do anything wrong. Kimi got past him and Hamilton drove behind him and got past. What more did they expect? Do they want him to park his car before he continues?

    The fault is Kimi’s alone. He s*cks at driving on a wet track and that was his doom. He got desperat over loosing his first place and made a mistake that crashed his car, they cannot blame Hamilton for that.

  3. How are we goomg to protest this?
    Is the best thing to do is a big switch off of next weeks GP?
    Loss of advertising revenue will hurt them where it hurts and will be only thing they listen to. I wonder if the mafia are behind all this? Perhaps it is time for a breakaway sport.

  4. Greg says:


    sign it if you feel hamilton was robbed of his win

  5. Simon says:

    If this is not proof positive that the F1A has a preference for Ferrari what more is needed.
    Two weeks ago Massa (whom I admire as a driver) got away with falling just short of causing what could have been a real serious accident. No penalty.
    The Belgian race was pretty much uneventful until the last 4 laps, then what a finish. It was fantastic.
    I think it is high time the teams start something else and leave F1A behind in the dust and maybe the stewards will figure out why.
    I’ll say it, this SUCKS.

  6. Hest says:

    #Marie Griffiths
    I doubt that will have any impact. There are so much money involved, they dont care for the hundred people that will turn off the tv at the next race. Would be nice if we could hurt them on their wallet though

    Agree, what Massa did last week, should have given a penalty too. If anyone else did something similar, they would have gotten a drive through and by giving him the fine after the race, FIA admits that it was a fault what Massa did.

    I have always had respect for Ferrari. They are not my favorite team, but they do a good job and deliver some good F1, but that respect is gone now. No more support for Ferrari from me.

  7. Sophie Fane says:

    OH MY GOD!!
    Outraged……the FIA is just a farce!! Lewis Hamilton drove like a God … both him and Kimi fought fair and square for that place and Lewis won it!!!
    What does he do that so offends the FIA….no-one else gets called up on incidents like this….only Lewis!!! He won Spa in a manner not seen since the days of Schumacher vs Hakkinen!!
    An appeal should be made…..Hamilton is one of the best things to happen to F1 in a long time and his talent and hard work and respect for others should be recognised!! He was and will be remembered as the true winner this afternoon….for shame on the FIA!!

  8. Steve says:

    Shocking! I am an F1 fan, a Ferrari fan and a Lewis fan. Whatever happened it did not affect the outcome of the race. I only ope Lewis wins the appeal, and if not then goes out and takes the championship he deserves….. Maybe he needs to sign up for Ferrari to become champion though….

  9. Nick Gouldthorpe says:

    Once again the FIA have shown there true colours. RED.

    Well done Lewis on what for me was one of the finest finish’s to a Grand Prix I have ever seen.

    Now get out there and show them that you are better then the FIA and win the 2008 Drivers Title.

    Nick Gouldthorpe F1 fan of 25 years

  10. Adam Poole says:

    Please sign this petition which will be sent to the FIA



  11. Hest says:

    Maybe this is the Ferrari we see next year.


  12. Louise Pooley says:

    Lewis you did a very good job, you don’t deserve the penalty it was not avoidable and you allowed kimi to take the lead again…you were right the FIA are wrong…you’ll always be better than kimi and felippe

  13. Louise Pooley says:

    McLaren are appealling.

  14. Christopher Durant says:

    A bloody disgrace, the SPA stewards have made a big mistake. Hamilton was level with Raikkonen; Hamilton was then forced to avoid a collision which resulted in him “cutting the chicane and gaining an advantage”; the advantage presumably being that he overtook Raikkonen. He then allowed Raikkonen to pass him thus giving away the advantage he had gained. Lets hope the FIA Appeal Board see it this way.

    Finally, whatever anyone says, Hamilton won this race with the most brilliant driving I’ve ever seen.

  15. michael slade says:

    Tell Bernie you are only racing again next year if you are allowed to join Ferrari and that you intend to sit on pole position at Monza whatever and switch off your engine until normal racing is resumed.
    Overtaking is lost on him and Oswald (sorry freudian slip there Max) – they have forgotten the days of Mike Hawthorn and all who raced off the seat of their pants.
    We are all playing and replaying the video and its so obvious you even headed R in and were forced on to kerb gave way and took him again and even got kissed up the ar*e for your trouble.
    The world was praying for rain from the start and at last saw some racing in the last 5 laps only for the Gestapo to jump in.
    Lets have a straw poll of all the drivers – they would say stuff it – anyone would have done the same – FIA Gestapo – F off.

  16. Fred says:

    Hamilton deserved the win truly and fairly. The stewards do not know how to comply with the regulations. Mclaren does. Ferrari does aswell but I think they are not worried because the FIA seems to be their pals. Outrageously bad on the FIA’s reputation

  17. Michelle in Vancouver says:

    To Lewis – you’re an inspiration to me, my husband & our children. The brilliance of your drive cannot be taken away like the points were. We’re praying for you & know you deserve your win today.

    To the FIA – anyone can see Lewis immediately backed off the lead after cutting the chicane then passed properly at the right moment. THIS IS RACING! People are just jealous and resentful that he’s accomplished so much in his his less than 2 years in Formula 1. The FIA bias against Lewis, Ron and McLaren has never been so disgustingly blatant. Let it go to the higher levels and let the data & video & team radio evidence be analyzed. Of course every driver wants to win, and sure, Massa will enjoy these bonus points, but will he feel right being named the winner of a race won by the true superstar of the day which was Lewis Hamilton? Kimi has not been in champion form lately. What was his penalty for driving into Sutil in Montreal? “Oops, sorry!” was enough. This is sheer idiocy! Give Lewis his win.

    Please see link for petition against F1 decision. – http://www.petitiononline.com/belgp08/petition.h

  18. A thrilling race and a well-deserved victory was turned into a disgrace with a farcical FIA decision.

    I add my voice to Adam’s and Greg’s and ask that you sign the petition if you think the decision against Lewis Hamilton was unfair:


    Thousands have already signed but the number that have signed represent just a tiny fraction of those who love F1 racing and feel outraged at this decision. So please sign the petition and spread the word to other F1 fans:


  19. Bruno Watt says:

    Horrific decision that has cost F1 much of its prestige and dignity not to mention the greatest (and most gentlemanly) driver of the sports modern era some much needed points (and ron too).

    We can talk about the appeal and bombard people with petitions but I am assuming at this point that once again the FIA will lean the way it always does.

    I am not a lawyer but given the obvious underlying financial basis to this sport surely McLarren should be able to take this matter to a real court outside of the red rooms at the FIA?

    Please someone do something about this I am tired of seeing this team and their drivers penalised for not having a horse as their emblem.

  20. Adrian Aquilina says:

    If Lewis was man enough, being so clearly competive. he should have left some more space again before attacking Kimi. In this manner he would have showed the world what class he is and what a car he was driving. I think he over did. On another note, where were all these people when Mc Laren only were excluded from last year’s championship and not the drivers? Let us all not forget that, according to investigations’ findings, Mc Laren drivers were driving “copied” cars and the FIA never penalised them

  21. Danny says:

    But then again, how much space is needed?
    Hamilton stopped the acceleration and went behind Kimi and got past him, it sais no where, how much space he should give him.
    If the track had been dry, Kimi would have had alot more grip and could get away, but he couldn’t yesterday because of the rain, but why blame Hamilton for that?

  22. Adrian Aquilina says:

    On Italian tv they just showed a similar incident involving Klien and Alonso (with Renault). Alonso cut a chicane and came out in front of Klien but gave way to Klien immediately. As soon as Klien was in front Alonso overtook him again and went on to catch Schumacher. After consulting the box he slowed down considerably to let Klien go through, then only after not taking advantage of the slipstream he went past Klien again. In this amnner he avoided getting penalised for an overtaking which he was clearly capable of doing

  23. Paul Eastman says:

    The FIA clearly have a problem..!!!

    Lewis you played by the rules..!!

    Everyone please join and sign the petition, I have Ferrari fans even saying the result from the FIA was wrong..!!!


  24. Karen Cockram says:

    I cannot believe the victimisation of the Mclaren team. Should F1 not be about the racing and not all this “bullying” tactics against anyone driving a Mclaren car. There were plenty of other incidents in the race but surprise surprise only Lewis and Heikki get penalised it is an absolute sham!!!!
    Lewis as far as I am concerned you should have won the world championship last year and you thoroughly deserve it this year. The FIA need to seriously look at why Ferrari can get away with murder and yet Mclaren only have to sneeze to get a penalty.

  25. wee bear says:

    Hamilton is not well liked in either Spain or France (Renault) because of the Alonso affair, the worst case scenario for F1 supporters in these countries is to see Hamilton win, it’s just a matter of viewers/attendances/money. Hamilton needs to bite the bullet and move on, he’s never likely to win either of these races now or in the future and may be better just settling for second, not great viewing but will keep the bigots happy and keep them spending money, like the chinese did, let the home team win in the name of good public relations, just pocket the cash and forget the ego. These folks still think Alonso is the better driver even though he wanted Ron Dennis to tell Hamilton to slow down so that he could win and they see nothing wrong with that, check the blogs plenty think Alson is better but it’s his car? what about when they were driving the same car, every race was a winge about telling him to slow down and let him pass! Hamilton is making a good living out of motor racing, I think he needs to realise tho’ that F1 is not ready for a tiger woods. Hope to see a few more races like that tho’, anyone that is unbaised can see who the better driver on the day with the changing conditions was, however in the dry it’s very close… and don’t take it too seriously, I know it’s Hamilton’s career and he wants to be champ but it’s also all about money really, not who is the better driver and realise when we, the viewing public is being manipulated.

  26. tim says:

    I don’t know what to say. Great race. Hamilton and massa have really fought and made it tough for me to know who to cheer for. This business is a total waste of time. It’s not Hamilton’s fault Kimi got over zealous and drove into a wall. Fia will loose more support on this one.

  27. Khalid Hasan says:

    Hey Lewis, your drive at Spa was awesome. FIA mugged you ..very unjust. Have a look at what Michael Schumacher did Hungary 2006…guess what? Nothing happened.

    Don’t let them get you. Use the track to do your talking. The world can see the unfairness. Relish the fact that Kimi crashed trying to keep up.

    Hopefully I will be in Monza to cheer you on.

    Pedal to the metal (carbonfibre) and don’t look back!

    Good luck for the F1 WDC.

    Khalid Hasan

  28. Hest says:

    I read some news today about the race. I’ll try to translate it to english 😉

    The news sais that, right after Hamiltons overtaking of Kimi, Mclaren asked the race leaders (race leaders of Spa) if it was done correctly and their answer was that Hamiltons actions where ok. He did what he had to do nad let Kimi past.
    Later though, FIA overruled the race leaders and gave Hamilton the penalty.

    Looks more and more absurd, if race leaders and FIA cant decide what is correct and what not.

  29. Mike says:

    Adrian Aquiliana has it right. The stewards have acted professionally, and they’ve made the right decision. Lewis gained an advantage by cutting the chicane. End of story. Several of the posts talk about Mclaren victimisation. What victimisation? Do you mean the $100 million dollar fine for cheating. They eventually came clean on this, to avoid legal charges despite all the previous denials. Lewis crashes into a stationary Kimi when a red light is showing and gets a 10 place grid drop, are you saying he should be let off. What exactly did Massa do wrong when he was coming out of the pits at Valencia, absolutely nothing. He was released by the team. If anything the team should have been punished & not the driver.
    The petition has only been signed by a fraction of F1 fans, I wonder why?
    Have a good day all.

  30. Paul Eastman says:

    more you tube and look at the incident from years ago same place, same corner oh and NO penalty






  31. Hest says:

    #Mike “Lewis gained an advantage by cutting the chicane. End of story”

    Wrong, the story continues, some people just don’t wanna see the facts..

    It is not the first time in history this happends. It is not the first time a driver is forced through the chicane and gains an advantage and thats why the rule sais, that he must give up his spot and go back to the position he was before going through the chicane.

  32. […] the Belgian Grand Prix the media seems to be pretty much split up if it was the right decision – we’ll have to wait […]

  33. Hest says:

    Today FIA decides, if the penalty was ok or not. If Hamilton wins, he gets 4 points and Massa looses 2, if he looses, the points stay as they are.

    Crossing my fingers for Hamilton

  34. James says:

    I AM A FERRARI FAN, but what happend to Hamilton was unfair, He drove absolutely brilliant…He won fair and square…

    FIA needs to think what message they are trying to send.

  35. Mike says:

    They made the right decision. However, unpopular it might be. Mclaren should start taking some responsibility instead of complaining all the time. The reason they checked with Whiting at the time, is that they knew what Hamilton did was “dodgy”. Even the appeal was crazy when the rules state a drive through penalty cant be appealed. Mark Webber was on 5 Live last night, and he thought it was the right decision. It makes the last 4 races very interesting.

  36. Ian says:


    You are talking rubbish and you must be employed by Ferrari. McLaren could appeal because an appeal was heard, and an appeal is only not allowed for a drive through penalty. Lewis got a time penalty. The appeal then went back on its own rules and said an appeal is not allowed even though we have just had one and the rules don’t forbid it. F1 is now a complete disgrace to the watching public’s common sense of justice and decency. Strange that considering Max Moseley is the president of the FIA – F1’s governing body.

  37. Peter says:

    I was definitely the right decision. No idea what you lot are complaining about. The rules state clearly that you can’t over take a car you passed while cutting a chicane on the next corner. EVERYONE in F1 knows this, including, of course, both Hamilton and his team manager.

    Thumbs up to the stewards. Thumbs down to the race leaders who should have been awake to such an obvious breach of the rules — I was fuming at the time because it was obvious to me that a penalty should have been awarded then and there.

  38. Hest says:

    Why is everyone just looking at those two seconds, where he went through the chicane? You have to keep watching.

    Peter, your right, thats what the rules say, but they also say, he must give back the position and he did.

    There is NO RULE, that sais how far he has to stay back or for how long he has to stay behind the other car. As said before, the reason he could get past so quickly, is because Kimi can’t drive on a wet track, so he couldnt get the speed he needed to stay in front. The speed where so low at that point, that there was a minimum of draft, that Hamilton could use.

    Look at all the facts, and not only the part that YOU like..

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