Fantastic Lewis Hamilton Wins In Monaco!

May 25th, 2008

A fantastic race win today by Lewis Hamilton, who had qualified third in Monaco on Saturday.

The Formula 1 Monte Carlo Grand Prix race is well known for the near impossible overtaking around the city-circuit, and Lewis starting in third, didn’t have the as good a chance as he could have had. BUT, Hamilton managed to get into second position, overtaking current Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen , by the first corner.

Of course there was the rain which made conditions very tricky around the street circuit – but it made things the more interesting to watch. There were quite a few cars in the barriers, lots of mistakes happening all around, including Lewis who got too close to a barrier and needed new tyres.

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton who achieved a life-long ambition by winning the Monaco Grand Prix. 😀

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Race Results

1.  HAMILTON     McLaren
2.  KUBICA       BMW           +3.0s
3.  MASSA        Ferrari       +4.8s
4.  WEBBER       Red Bull      +19.2s
5.  VETTEL       Toro Rosso    +24.6s
6.  BARRICHELLO  Honda         +28.4s
7.  NAKAJIMA     Williams      +30.1s
8.  KOVALAINEN   McLaren       +33.1s
9.  RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       +33.7s
10. ALONSO       Renault       +1 lap
11. BUTTON       Honda         +1 lap
12. GLOCK        Toyota        +1 lap
13. TRULLI       Toyota        +1 lap
14. HEIDFELD     BMW           +4 laps
R.  SUTIL        Force India   +9 laps
R . ROSBERG      Williams      +17 laps
R.  PIQUET       Renault       +29 laps
R.  FISICHELLA   Force India   +40 laps
R.  COULTHARD    Red Bull      +69 laps
R.  BOURDAIS     Toro Rosso    +69 laps

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One Response to “Fantastic Lewis Hamilton Wins In Monaco!”

  1. Whatever Hamilton goes onto achieve in his career (and I think we all know that will be a lot), he will always remember this victory and always see it as one of his greatest ever.

    Excellent stuff Lewis. Keep Going.

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