Lewis Hamilton Qualifies 4th In Brazil

November 1st, 2008

The Brazilian qualifying is an important part for Hamilton’s championship because being in the middle of the pack more accidents happen which is not what Lewis needs. He just needs a solid points finish and there’s no better way of doing this than by winning the race. 😉

Qualifying 1

In the first qualifying session the Ferrari’s seem to have been struggling a bit with under-steer, this might be because of the used tyres. But then at the end of the session Massa managed to get into first and Kimi into second position. Lewis Hamilton was safely through into Q2.

Fernando Alonso who wants to see a Ferrari win because of his grudge against McLaren finished Q1 in 4th position.

Qualifying 2

Kimi Raikkonen continued to struggle in Q2 with under-steer even though he was using soft tyres but still managed to get into first position for a brief moment. Then Felipe Massa topped Kimi’s time which was then topped by our man Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton finished Q2 in 3rd, Massa 4th and Kimi 6th. Alonso make it into Q3 in 9th position. Kovalainen topped the Q2 timesheet followed by Vettel.

Qualifying 3

The Ferrari’s seem to be very light by taking the first two positions at the beginning of qualifying. Vettel’s also near the front at be beginning. Lewis made a few mistakes at the beginning which lost him a few tenths.

This is by far the most intense qualifying I’ve ever seen with many last second changes and the surprise being that Trulli is starting from 2nd position. This unfortunately pushed Lewis Hamilton down to 4th position which is the dirty side of the second row.

Hamilton’s girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, is also going to be supporting him at the race.
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger in Brazil

It sure has the makings of an intense and historic race – keep your head cool, Lewis! You can do it!

Brazilian Grand Prix Starting Grid

1.   MASSA           Ferrari
2.   TRULLI          Toyota
3.   RAIKKONEN       Ferrari
4.   HAMILTON        McLaren
5.   KOVALAINEN      McLaren
6.   ALONSO          Renault
7.   VETTEL          Toro Rosso
8.   HEIDFELD        BMW
9.   BOURDAIS        Toro Rosso
10.  GLOCK           Toyota
11.  PIQUET          Renault
12.  WEBBER          Red Bull
13.  KUBICA          BMW
14.  COULTHARD       Red Bull
15.  BARRICHELLO     Honda
16.  NAKAJIMA        Williams
17.  BUTTON          Honda
18.  ROSBERG         Williams
19.  FISICHELLA      Force India
20.  SUTIL           Force India

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6 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton Qualifies 4th In Brazil”

  1. jane says:


  2. Timo says:

    you can do it duuuuude!! WIN in brasil, WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

  3. Ian Mason says:

    Go for it Lewis! All the real F1 fans are behind you and willing you on to the victory you deserve. In the real world the championship is yours already, if only for the FIA (Ferrari Internal Agency). Now go and do, it’s yours for the taking!

  4. Perde says:

    Hamilton Rocked ! Can anyone share a link of that race video ?

  5. perde modelleri says:

    When ferrari invincibility will end: (

  6. perde city says:

    Go for it Lewis! All the real F1 fans are behind you and willing you on to the victory you deservee

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