Hamilton Keeps Championship Points

September 14th, 2007

The FIA’s verdict did not cancel Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 World Championship points. But the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team has been excluded from the World Championship – causing it to lose out on $100 million of constructors prize money!

Now, if you ask me – $100 million isn’t exactly pocket change, how is this going to affect McLaren? Will next year’s car not be as competitive?

Obviously McLaren will keep on fighting in the championship as either of their drivers has a very strong possibility to win.

But you have to ask yourself about the honesty and integrity in Formula 1. Stuff like that must have been going on for quite some time – maybe even since the beginning of Formula 1, but now people are shocked when some things regarding spying on other teams is present in the media. They shouldn’t be! Of course I would prefer it if the sport is 100% clean – but with the sums of money involved it’s probably easier to be tempted to gain an advantage, nearly no matter how.

Whatever the real truths are, I just enjoy watching Lewis Hamilton race. It’s as simple as that! And I hope you do too.

One Response to “Hamilton Keeps Championship Points”

  1. felix says:

    I wonder if this means Hamilton will jump ships to Ferrari. I think that’s the only team that he could really go to if McLaren ends up being disadvantaged (rightly or wrongly) both in terms of technology and ability to compete. Hamilton has to keep his career in mind in all this. He can’t just keep racing with McLaren if they fall behind. He’s too good a driver for that. But then again he’s been with them for quite a while now.

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