Hamilton And Alonso Not Talking Anymore

August 6th, 2007

McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says that Fernando Alonso isn’t talking to him anymore.

Well that’s too bad. But seriously, Lewis, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. After all, Fernando’s the one that stopped Hamilton getting pole position in the first place by blocking him in the pit lane. Lewis would have most probably taken pole anyway. I think what Fernando did was pretty childish, first he was stopping his team-mate which is already pretty stupid because if you’re working against your own team – you’ve pretty much lost anyway, and later when he was punished for his actions he blames it on Lewis. How childish is that!!

And Ron’s all upset because apparently Lewis wasn’t following every single instruction the he gave him, I mean, c’mon, Lewis isn’t a puppet. He can make is own decisions. And by the looks of it, Ron Dennis also seems to rate that a bigger crime against the team than one driver deliberately blocking another driver! Whatever happened to Ron’s: “we let our drivers race” attitude. (Even though what Lewis apparently did, this seems like a relatively small incident to me). Now, that’s unjust IMO! It just seems like a weak excuse.

Anyway, there must be a lot of other stuff going on behind the scenes to let the whole situation boil over like it has. It seems like Alonso is under real pressure for the first time in his career and he isn’t handling himself like a champion. Instead, it seems like he’s trying to make less of Lewis in some ways – for instance saying that Hamilton’s podium finishes will come to an end soon etc., which seems a negative thing to say against your own team-mate.

Regarding the stewards intervening, well, I think it was correct because these kinds of actions are harming the integrity of the sport. It was easy to see that Lewis was denied pole position by Fernando, and he wasn’t demonstrating great sportsmanship.

Personally I wasn’t too happy about it – not only because I’m a Lewis Hamilton fan, but because it’s not moral. Imagine any other driver in any other team doing this, I’m sure most people wouldn’t like it, it seems anti-competitive!

Lets keep the sport on the track – and out of the courts!

Okay, that’s my rant for the day 🙂 please leave comments to express your own opinions.


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