Lewis Hamilton 7th In Monza

September 14th, 2008

The Italian Grand Prix in Monza was most definitely one of the best races of the season so far.
Lewis Hamilton in rainy Monza
Lewis Hamilton’s race was purely a damage limitation exercise today and Lewis succeeded as he only lost 1 point to Filipe Massa, even though he started 15th on the grid.

Overall the Italian race was very good and eventful with lots of overtaking and just good racing. The race started behind the safety car as it was raining quite heavily at the beginning but dried out near the end of the race making it possible to use intermediate tyres.

An awesome race and congratulations to Sebastian Vettel who had a perfect weekend and won the Italian Grand Prix. He’s the youngest ever F1 race winner

Monza Race Result:

1.  VETTEL        Toro Rosso    
2.  KOVALAINEN    McLaren       +12.5s
3.  KUBICA        BMW           +20.4s
4.  ALONSO        Renault       +23.9s
5.  HEIDFELD      BMW           +27.7s
6.  MASSA         Ferrari       +28.8s
7.  HAMILTON      McLaren       +29.0s
8.  WEBBER        Red Bull      +32.0s
9.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       +39.4s
10. PIQUET        Renault       +54.4s
11. GLOCK         Toyota        +58.8s
12. NAKAJIMA      Williams      +1m02.0s
13. TRULLI        Toyota        +1m05.9s
14. ROSBERG       Williams      +1m08.6s
15. BUTTON        Honda         +1m13.3s
16. COULTHARD     Red Bull      +1 lap
17. BARRICHELLO   Honda         +1 lap
18. BOURDAIS      Toro Rosso    +1 lap
19. SUTIL         Force India   +2 laps
R.  FISICHELLA    Force India   +41 laps

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3 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton 7th In Monza”

  1. timo says:

    well done lewis, good catch up from 15th

  2. Tommy Rudd says:

    Doing easily what others find difficult is talent, doing what is impossible for talent is GENIUS!!! (tribute for Hamilton during Monza 08 what a legend)

  3. Renchy says:

    Sure, Lewis is really the “Passager de la Pluie” like Ayrton was.

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