Lewis Hamilton Finishes 7th in Sepang

April 5th, 2009

Lewis Hamilton in Sepang, Malaysia

Lewis Hamilton managed to finish in the points with 7th position after qualifying 12th at the Sepang Grand Prix in Malaysia.

The race was interesting with lots of action and overtaking on the track. Lewis Hamilton managed to overtake during the race with is a relatively good sign that the McLaren certainly in not at the back of the field in terms of performance. The race certainly got very interesting when drivers started coming in as the rain began to fall. Though it was raining lightly at the beginning when drivers started going on the full-wet tyres. Big mistake as Kimi found out. The rain was too light for the wet weather tyres and they were destroyed within a few laps.

Then it really stated to rain and the drivers were all on extreme wet tyres by then before the safety car came out when the race was red-flagged. The rain continued for quite a while and there was heavy standing water on some parts of the circuit.

Lewis did a very good job getting up to 7th position. He thought he had 6th but unfortunately the last time he went over the start-finish line before the race was red-flagged he was still in 7th position. Last year he finished 5th but then again he started from 4th so he did a very good job this time round.

Hamilton’s post-race comments:

When the rain came down, it was impossible to drive.

I was aquaplaning everywhere – these were the most dangerous conditions I’ve ever raced in. All I could do was try and keep the car on the track.

It was the correct decision to stop the race because it was just too dangerous for everyone.

I love it when it rains, but this was just too much.

Malaysian Grand Prix Results:

1.  BUTTON       Brawn
2.  HEIDFELD     BMW           +22.7s
3.  GLOCK        Toyota        +23.5s
4.  TRULLI       Toyota        +46.1
5.  BARRICHELLO  Brawn         +47.3s
6.  WEBBER       Red Bull      +52.3s
7.  HAMILTON     McLaren       +1m00.7s
8.  ROSBERG      Williams      +1m11.5s
9.  MASSA        Ferrari       +1m42.1s
10. BOURDAIS     Toro Rosso    +1 lap
11. ALONSO       Renault       +1 lap
12. NAKAJIMA     Williams      +1 lap
13. PIQUET       Renault       +1 lap
14. RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       +1 lap
15. VETTEL       Red Bull      +1 lap
16. BUEMI        Toro Rosso    +1 lap
17. SUTIL        Force India   +1 lap
18. FISICHELLA   Force India   +2 laps
R.  KUBICA       BMW           +30 laps
R.  KOVALAINEN   McLaren       +31 laps

2 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton Finishes 7th in Sepang”

  1. Charity says:

    A point ? I am not so so thrilled with today’s race. I am containing my feelings incase the FIA come to disqualify Lewis again for looking at the Brawn car. Thats what I feel F1 has come to ridiculous.

    I hope McLarean will give us something to cheer about in China. Whatever the outcome of April 14th will be. I see the FIA ruling in favor of the ‘diffuser three’ so I am not even thinking about that.

    Lewis should put the last two races behind him. My ruling is still out on what happened in Aussie but for me winning is not everything – it is the only thing.

  2. Cindy says:

    Hamilton need to focus on getting the performance back. His team need to get the car back to excellent state as quick as possible. Just ignore all the destructive factors. Hopefully God will help him again this year, just like last year!

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