Hamilton Finishes 5th in Brazil – WORLD CHAMPION!

November 2nd, 2008

Hamilton Finishes 5th in Brazil – WORLD CHAMPION!!!! 😀

What an extraordinary race! How exciting… We’re all lost for words… Lewis Hamilton’s dad was lost for words, Lewis was lost for words… just an incredible last few laps. There was so much excitement in the air all weekend long and it was the qualifying and race of the year.

Enjoy this nail biting video of the last lap…

A video of the last lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix

Brazilian Grand Prix Race Result 2008

1.  MASSA         Ferrari
2.  ALONSO        Renault       +13.2s
3.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       +16.2s
4.  VETTEL        Toro Rosso    +38.0s
5.  HAMILTON      McLaren       +38.9s
6.  GLOCK         Toyota        +44.3s
7.  KOVALAINEN    McLaren       +55.0s
8.  TRULLI        Toyota        +68.4s
9.  WEBBER        Red Bull      +79.6s
10. HEIDFELD      BMW           +1 lap
11. KUBICA        BMW           + 1 lap
12. ROSBERG       Williams      + 1 lap
13. BUTTON        Honda         + 1 lap
14. BOURDAIS      Toro Rosso    +1 lap
15. BARRICHELLO   Honda         +1 lap
16. SUTIL         Force India   +2 laps
17. NAKAJIMA      Williams      +2 laps
18. FISICHELLA    Force India   +2 laps
R.  PIQUET        Renault       +71 laps
R.  COULTHARD     Red Bull      +71 laps

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20 Responses to “Hamilton Finishes 5th in Brazil – WORLD CHAMPION!”

  1. Fantastic Job Lewis…..Well Done and I hope it is the first of many Formula 1 World Championships!!

  2. Hest says:

    Grats to Hamilton. The right man won 🙂 Was a very exciting race

  3. Donna says:

    Well done Lewis you desreve it,what a great race was on the edge of my seat.

    F1 WORLD CHAMPION Yipeeeee

    Many more to come xxxxx

  4. marcia WHITWOOD says:

    ***** WELL DONE LEWIS *****




  5. Louise Pooley says:

    Lewis you are a star…we’re well proud of you..congratulations you so deserve it.

  6. andy gillmon says:

    Well done Lewis realy chuffed for you, your familly and of course the team, but please next year dont leave it till the last bloody corner or we will all have heart attacks, well done.

  7. Jay Harrison says:

    Congratulations Lewis, skillfully executed, way to stay cool in the closing seconds, well done. I can’t wait for the start on next season.

  8. Rosie Iliffe says:

    Trip to Brazil £500, Grand Prix ticket £200, the look on ferrari’s face when they realised Massa had not won the championship, priceless!!!!
    What a race, you are a racing genius!!.
    Well done, thoroughly deserved, thats sports personality of the year sorted i believe!!! Can’t wait for next season too like everyone else, you have made F1 popular again, (although i was always a fan anyway, lol)

    Big congratulations x x

  9. Chris Gill says:

    What can we say. Stunning!!! Congratulations to you and your family from everyone at charterfishing.co.uk Thank you for another great season! We can’t wait for you to do the same next season. we hope you enjoy your victory and wish you the very best.

    Thanks Again

    Chris & Co.

  10. Luis Venosa says:

    Grande, campeón!!. Por fin se hizo justicia. Te robaron una carrera este año, te sancionaron injustamente, pero no hubo forma de vencerte. Ni con malas artes la FIA y Ferrari pudieron. Me alegro muchísimo. Y vamos por varios campeonatos más.

    Luis Venosa

  11. Grande Hamilton! desde Chile te saludo, espero te quedes toda la vida en esta escuderia nuestra escuderia McLaren!

    Una carrera emocionante!

  12. Budi says:

    Congratulations! Is this year going to be the Year of Emancipation in the world? Barrack Obama seems to be going to be the first black US President two days after you became the world champ! I hope he is! Keep breaking new records!

  13. Martial N N says:

    You are the man!!! Well done


  14. Katiane says:

    Congratulations Lewis… It’s wonderful racing!!! You’re the better!!!
    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bahia – Brazil

  15. Lee Marks says:

    The main man! Many congratulations Lewis. No one can take this away. A true champion in every regard. It’s a shame that your peers cannot respect your talent, grit and reflect upon you the same graciousness and humility that make you our champion….Well done. I wish you many more world championships to come.

  16. Sorry, my english isn’t very good…

    Hamilton is the best.

    I felt shame for the brazilian crowd and their unacceptable behaviour… He deserves congratulations for his victory!

    I am brazilian, and I am suporting Hamilton since the last year. He is a wonderful driver, a great person.

    I wasn’t so happy seen the “Formula 1” since Ayrton Senna died…

    Hamilton must know: He has Brazilians Fans too!!!

    São Paulo – Brazil

  17. Joaquim says:

    Caro Hamilton, foi publicado em um no site do Brasil a informação que seu pai havia entendido que o ato de lhe presentear um gato preto seria um ato de racismo. Na realidade nao houve este propósito; tratou-se de uma brincadeira de uma “bruxaria” de um grupo de humor da TV que lhe presenteara um gato preto “enfeitiçado” para lhe dar azar e você perder a corrida. Repito, foi apenas uma brincadeira, talvez não aceita pela cultura europeia. Mas, foi só brincadeira. O povo brasileiro adora fazer este tipo de brincadeiras.
    E finalmente, parabens pelo título. Você merece. Nós, brasileiros, também são seus fãs.

  18. gina houghton says:

    i wasn’t a fan of racing,till me and my daughter met him,yes it was him,now i jump all over the world when he wins,good on you lewis keep it up man

  19. F1 GP Fan says:

    I would like to know what you think about the new rules. Will Hamilton still win if all teams have the same (more or less) engine?

  20. Hey there – I’m planning to write a post on that very soon. Gotta say though – the cars do look quite strange, feels like we’re going backwards..

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