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Ron Dennis Stepping Down as McLaren CEO

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

McLaren CEO, Ron Dennis will be stepping down and handing over to current principal to Martin Whitmarsh on the 1st or March 2009 it was revealed after presenting the new MP4-24.

Ron Dennis hands McLaren CEO position to Martin Whitmarsh

What Ron Dennis had to say:

The New 2009 McLaren MP4-24 Formula 1 Car

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Update: The 2010 MP4-25 McLaren

McLaren unveiled the new 2009 Formula 1 car: the MP4-24.
The car looks quite different from the 2008 because of the numerous regulation changes that come into effect in 2009.
The new 2009 McLaren F1 MP4-24
The rear wing just looks… well, ‘different’ than what we’re used to from last year. I must admit that the new F1 cars do take a while to get used to. They look like lower formula cars now – simpler and less sophisticated. 🙁 At least we’ve got slick tyres again!