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Hamilton Spanish Grand Prix Podium Finish

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Well done Lewis Hamilton, who managed to secure a predicted and well deserved podium position.

Hamilton who is second in the current F1 world championship has 20 points and is losing more points to Kimi Raikkonen who now has 29 points, leading the championship. The next races will be crucial for Lewis who can’t afford to loose touch with Kimi who’s leading by 9 points, that’s almost a race win for Hamilton and a DNF for Kimi away. Well, Formula 1 in 2008 is certainly looking to be an interesting one, I can’t wait for the next race 🙂

Formula 1 Race Results in Spain:

1.  RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       
2.  MASSA        Ferrari       +3.2s
3.  HAMILTON     McLaren       +4.1s
4.  KUBICA       BMW           +5.6s
5.  WEBBER       Red Bull      +35.9s
6.  BUTTON       Honda         +53.0s
7.  NAKAJIMA     Williams      +58.2s
8.  TRULLI       Toyota        +59.4s
9.  HEIDFELD     BMW           +63.0s
10. FISICHELLA   Force India   +1 lap
11. GLOCK        Toyota        +1 lap
12. COULTHARD    Red Bull      +1 lap
13. SATO         Super Aguri   +1 lap
R.  ROSBERG      Williams      +25 laps
R.  ALONSO       Renault       +32 laps
R.  BARRICHELLO  Honda         +32 laps
R.  KOVALAINEN   McLaren       +45 laps
R.  DAVIDSON     Super Aguri   +58 laps
R.  BOURDAIS     Toro Rosso    +59 laps
R.  PIQUET       Renault       +60 laps
R.  SUTIL        Force India   +66 laps
R.  VETTEL       Toro Rosso    +66 laps

Lewis Starts 5th in Barcelona

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team seemed to have some difficulty keeping up with the top runners Ferrari. Renault’s Fernando Alonso also surprised with starting second on the grid. Trulli and Webber also did well to get into the top 8.

It should be an interesting F1 race in Spain, hopefully McLaren have a good strategy to make the best of their current capabilities, it seems Alonso might be on a very light fuel strategy and we’ll have to see Kubica’s racing pace on Sunday, so I think the Hamilton will probably have a good chance for the podium, but we’ll have to see. 🙂

Spanish F1 Starting Grid:

1.  RAIKKONEN       Ferrari
2.  ALONSO          Renault
3.  MASSA           Ferrari
4.  KUBICA          BMW
5.  HAMILTON        McLaren
6.  KOVALAINEN      McLaren
7.  WEBBER          Red Bull
8.  TRULLI          Toyota
9.  HEIDFELD        BMW
10. PIQUET          Renault
11. BARRICHELLO     Honda
12. NAKAJIMA        Williams
13. BUTTON          Honda
14. GLOCK           Toyota
15. ROSBERG         Williams
16. BOURDAIS        Toro Rosso
17. COULTHARD       Red Bull
18. VETTEL          Toro Rosso
19. FISICHELLA      Force India
20. SUTIL           Force India
21. DAVIDSON        Super Aguri
22. SATO            Super Aguri

Bahrain: One Race Lewis Might Want To Forget

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Okay, well it seems the Bahrain Formula 1 race wasn’t to be the best for our man Lewis Hamilton who could definitely use the points as he’s slipped down to 4th in the Formula 1 World Championship with 14 points, being 5 points behind F1 Championship Leader Kimi Raikkonen.

Things should hopefully be “back to normal” at the next Formula 1 race in Barcelona, Spain on the 27th April 2008. The McLaren Mercedes racing car would have been developed more by then and should hopefully be more competitive with BMW and Ferrari.

Formula 1 Bahrain Results:

P.	Driver  		Time
1. 	Felipe Massa 		1:31:06.970
2. 	Kimi Raikkonen 		+3.339
3. 	Robert Kubica 		+4.998
4. 	Nick Heidfeld 		+8.409
5. 	Heikki Kovalainen 	+26.789
6. 	Jarno Trulli 		+41.314
7. 	Mark Webber 		+45.473
8. 	Nico Rosberg 		+55.889
9. 	Timo Glock 		+1:09.500
10. 	Fernando Alonso 	+1:17.101
11. 	Rubens Barrichello 	+1:17.182
12. 	Giancarlo Fisichella	+1 lap
13. 	Lewis Hamilton 		+1 lap
14. 	Kazuki Nakajima 	+1 lap
15. 	Sebastien Bourdais 	+1 lap
16. 	Anthony Davidson 	+1 lap
17. 	Takuma Sato 		+1 lap
18. 	David Coulthard 	+1 lap
19. 	Adrian Sutil 		+2 laps
20. 	Nelsinho Piquet Jr 	-
21. 	Jenson Button 		-
22. 	Sebastien Vettel 	-

Hamilton Starts Third In Bahrain

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

British Formula 1 racing sensation will start the Bahrain Grand Prix in 3rd position behind BMW’s Robert Kubica’s first pole position and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa. The Ferrari racing driver was pretty much dominating the racing weekend so far be setting lap-times of nearly a second faster.

The race should be very entertaining and hopefully Hamilton can create some spectacular overtaking maneuver’s in the first few corners of the race. But let’s not count out Kimi Raikonnen who should never be underestimated, he might have had a little trouble in qualifying but the Ice Man can really turn the heat on…

Bahrain 2008 Qualifying Results:

1.  KUBICA        BMW
2.  MASSA         Ferrari
3.  HAMILTON      McLaren
4.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari
5.  KOVALAINEN    McLaren
7.  TRULLI        Toyota
8.  ROSBERG       Williams
9.  BUTTON        Honda
10. ALONSO        Renault
11. WEBBER        Red Bull
13. GLOCK         Toyota
14. PIQUET        Renault
15. BOURDAIS      Toro Rosso
16. NAKAJIMA      Williams
17. COULTHARD     Red Bull
18. FISICHELLA    Force India
19. VETTEL        Toro Rosso
20. SUTIL         Force India
21. DAVIDSON      Super Aguri
22. SATO          Super Aguri

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