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It’s Official: Kimi Raikkonen Is Formula 1 World Champion

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Ok, well now it’s finally official, Kimi Raikkonen is F1 World Champ.

So well done Kimi! Lewis Hamilton also insited that he did not want to win off the track, which is fair enough as F1 is becoming very political these days and I think the fans would like to keep the sport on the racing track rather than in the courtroom.

Let’s not forget that this is Hamilton’s 1st year in Formula 1! He’s got so much potential and so many more chances as he’s still very young.

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Most Popular Formula 1 Driver Is: Lewis Hamilton

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Acording to a poll by Renault sponsors ING who have surveyed 8500 F1 fans Lewis Hamilton is the most popular racing driving in the formula one championship.

To me that’s no real surprise as he’s been fair on track and he’s always been open and kind to people in F1 and the press.

Go Lewis, good job man!

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Hamilton: I’m Still The Same

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Lewis Hamilton insists he’s still the same and that success hasn’t changed him.

I feel that I am still the same person I was a year ago, but clearly from the outside my life is perceived as completely different. From being virtually unknown at the start of the year, I have become someone everyone recognises. I have not bought any fancy cars and I have not dated any fancy women and I do not have a home in Monaco.

I cannot believe the people I have met this year, charitable people, friendly people, fans and new friends, I have also met some incredibly famous people and am still struggling to believe it. It did take some getting used to – hanging out with P. Diddy, calling him Sean, and having all these famous people’s numbers on my phone.

I would rather completely avoid it and have a place where I can feel safe from intrusion. It was then that I first started thinking seriously about leaving England, leaving the UK, to live abroad.

Switzerland has a great feel. I had never been there until this year and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was such a cool, chilled-out place. Despite what has been said, it is not about tax. I love England and I am happy to pay my tax if I live there, Money is not the decider in my life – quality of life is.

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Fernando Alonso And McLaren Separate

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Today it was announced that Alonso will not be driving for McLaren in the 2008 Formula 1 World Championship.

Fernando’s relationship with Ron Dennis has been well publicized throughout the year and neither of them seemed very happy with the situation.

This is what Alonso had to say:

Since I was a boy I had always wanted to drive for McLaren, but sometimes in life things do not work out, I continue to believe that McLaren is a great team.

Yes, we have had our ups and downs during the season, which has made it extra-challenging for all of us, and it is not a secret that I never really felt at home. I know there have been suggestions of favouritism within the team and people say a lot of things in the heat of battle, but in the end I was always provided with an equal opportunity to win.

Today’s decision allows all of us to focus on 2008, and I wish the team, Vodafone, Banco Santander, Mutua Madrileña and all the other team partners who I have worked closely with during the year, the best for the future.

So who is Alonso going to drive for? Is it going to be Toyota, or some even think Red Bull?

It’s going to be interesting next year – let’s wait and see what happens.

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