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Lewis Hamilton Wins In Japan

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton wins the Japanese grand prix. Hamilton is now leading the Formula 1 World Championship by 12 points ahead of Fernando Alonso. It looks more and more likely that Hamilton will be Formula 1 World Champion.

An eventful and very wet race at the Fuji Speedway in Japan started behind the safety car with near zero-visibility. After some laps behind the safety car, conditions started to improve and the race got underway with Hamilton leading. Lewis was pulling away from Alonso and was leading by over 2 seconds after a few laps. Everything seemed to go his way until Fettel rammed into the right-rear wheel of Hamilton – but Lewis was able to continue the race, and he was over 9 seconds ahead of Alonso at that time. But then Alonso also was hit by another driver (Vettel again?), but Fernando was able to continue despite some bodywork damage.

But with 25 laps to go Fernando Alonso aquaplaned off the track and into the barriers retiring him from the race letting Lewis gain 10 points more than him with only 2 races to go.

All in all a very eventful race, some nice action, some spins, some crashes and at the end there was some awesome action between Raikkonen and Kovalained fighting for second place and Massa overtaking Kubica on the last lap trying to pass by going over grass and blocking – some exciting few seconds. 🙂

Japanese Grand Prix, Fuji Speedway Race Results:

1.  HAMILTON     McLaren       2h00m34.759s
2.  KOVALAINEN   Renault       +8.3s
3.  RAIKKONEN    Ferrari       +9.4s
4.  COULTHARD    Red Bull      +20.2s
5.  FISICHELLA   Renault       +38.8s
6.  MASSA        Ferrari       +49.0s
7.  KUBICA       BMW           +49.2s
8.  LIUZZI       Toro Rosso    +55.6s
9.  SUTIL        Spyker        +60.1s
10. BARRICHELLO  Honda         +88.3s
11. BUTTON       Honda         +1 lap
12. YAMAMOTO     Spyker        +1 lap
13. TRULLI       Toyota        +1 lap
14. HEIDFELD     BMW           +2 laps
15. SATO         Super Aguri   +2 laps
R.  SCHUMACHER   Toyota        +12 laps
R.  DAVIDSON     Super Aguri   +13 laps
R.  ROSBERG      Williams      +18 laps
R.  VETTEL       Toro Rosso    +21 laps
R.  WEBBER       Red Bull      +22 laps
R.  ALONSO       McLaren       +25 laps
R.  WURZ         Williams      +48 laps

Superb Hamilton Fuji Pole Lap

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

In an extraordinary wet qualifying at the Fuji Speedway in Japan, Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton drove a sensational pole position lap under tricky wet / damp conditions with time running out fast.

Lewis seemed to be struggling throughout the final qualifying session, hovering around fourth position and making a few pit stops along the way. But at his final qualifying lap he managed to get a stunning pole position lap in of 1m25.368s, around 0.1 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso.

Formula One Fuji Speedway Starting Grid:

1.  HAMILTON        McLaren
2.  ALONSO          McLaren
3.  RAIKKONEN       Ferrari
4.  MASSA           Ferrari
5.  HEIDFELD        BMW
6.  BUTTON          Honda
7.  WEBBER          Red Bull
8.  VETTEL          Toro Rosso
9.  KUBICA          BMW
10. FISICHELLA      Renault
11. KOVALAINEN      Renault
12. COULTHARD       Red Bull
13. TRULLI          Toyota
14. LIUZZI          Toro Rosso
15. SCHUMACHER      Toyota
16. ROSBERG         Williams
17. BARRICHELLO     Honda
18. WURZ            Williams
19. DAVIDSON        Super Aguri
20. SUTIL           Spyker
21. SATO            Super Aguri
22. YAMAMOTO        Spyker

Japan Free Practice

Friday, September 28th, 2007

This weekends Formula 1 Grand Prix race will not be at the usual location, Honda owned Suzuka, but at the Toyota owned Fuji Speedway.

I heard the track isn’t as exciting as Suzuka – but let’s wait and see how the race is before making up opinions.

The McLaren’s seem to be fastest so far – but it’s difficult to say as the fuel loads of Ferrari & co. are unknown.

Japanese GP Free Practice 2 Results:

1.  HAMILTON      McLaren       1m18.734s
2.  ALONSO        McLaren       1m18.948s
3.  MASSA         Ferrari       1m19.483s
4.  TRULLI        Toyota        1m19.711s
5.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       1m19.714s
6.  KOVALAINEN    Renault       1m19.799s
7.  FISICHELLA    Renault       1m19.926s
8.  COULTHARD     Red Bull      1m19.949s
9.  SCHUMACHER    Toyota        1m19.969s
10. KUBICA        BMW           1m20.069s
11. WEBBER        Red Bull      1m20.069s
12. WURZ          Williams      1m20.263s
13. ROSBERG       Williams      1m20.270s
14. BUTTON        Honda         1m20.336s
15. HEIDFELD      BMW           1m20.462s
16. SUTIL         Spyker        1m20.736s
17. BARRICHELLO   Honda         1m20.869s
18. LIUZZI        Toro Rosso    1m20.985s
19. VETTEL        Toro Rosso    1m20.997s
20. DAVIDSON      Super Aguri   1m21.007s
21. YAMAMOTO      Spyker        1m21.305s
22. SATO          Super Aguri   1m21.352s

The Hamilton And Alonso Story Continues

Friday, September 28th, 2007

A few turbulent weeks for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team during the FIA hearings resulted in McLaren to loose its constructor points and having to pay a $100 million fine for breaking the sporting rules.

I can imagine that some (or most) people in the McLaren team are not very satisfied with Fernando Alonso who reportedly tried to get Ron Dennis to give him No.1 driver status by threatening to tell the FIA about the spying which McLaren was doing – and this is effectively treason with his own team (not that spying is ok either – but 2 wrongs don’t make a right, or so the saying goes…).

So, Lewis Hamilton is upset about that whole situation, that Alonso is demanding No.1 driver status without real racing on the track and the way he was blocked at Spa. And Lewis has spoken out again against Frenando stating that the team is behind him because his fully supports the team and relationship is getting stronger all the time.

Here’s what Lewis had to say:

When you are in a relationship with a certain amount of people, you do the best job you can and want to show to everyone that you are the one for the team. In this situation, I was a rookie and he was the two-time world champion coming into the team.

He is the one that was looked at to bring it home, but eventually I have earned more respect from them. And since what’s gone on in the last few weeks they’ve realised who the real people are in the team and who they really should back.

I feel my bond with the team is even stronger. I want to win it fair and square, not once have I approached the team members and asked to be favoured. It is just not something I have done at any team, asking for better equipment. I want to win it the right way.

The best feeling ever is when you know you have won and you have beaten someone as talented as he is with the exact same equipment and exactly the same opportunity. You try to understand these people but then the whole idea of what sort of person they are is completely miles out of the ball park, he is not the person I imagined him to be, but that’s the way it is.

Hamilton Finishes 4th In Belgium

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

It was an exciting race today at the Belgian Grand Prix. It’s a race track that most drivers love and it is one of the more spectacular races of the year.

In Spa Lewis Hamilton managed to hold on to his 4th starting position behind Fernando Alonso. That closes the gap even more to a mere 2 points between the two McLaren Drivers!! Lewis, you’re really making this exciting!! 😯

Ferrari had no real problem at the front from the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes drivers. Kimi Raikkonen won, who drove an error free race in front of Felipe Massa.

The championship is getting very exciting. Only a few races to go with at least 2 or 3 drivers who can win the Formula 1 World Championship.

Spa, Belgain F1 Grand Prix Race Results:

1.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari      1hr20m39.066s
2.  MASSA         Ferrari      +4.6s
3.  ALONSO        McLaren      +14.3s
4.  HAMILTON      McLaren      +23.6s
5.  HEIDFELD      BMW          +51.8s
6.  ROSBERG       Williams     +76.8s
7.  WEBBER        Red Bull     +80.6s
8.  KOVALAINEN    Renault      +85.1s
9.  KUBICA        BMW          +85.6s
10. SCHUMACHER    Toyota       +88.5s
11. TRULLI        Toyota       +1 lap
12. LIUZZI        Toro Rosso   +1 lap
13. BARRICHELLO   Honda        +1 lap
14. SUTIL         Spyker       +1 lap
15. SATO          Super Aguri  +1 lap
16. DAVIDSON      Super Aguri  +1 lap
17. YAMAMOTO      Spyker       +1 lap
R.  BUTTON        Honda        +8 laps
R.  WURZ          Williams     +10 laps
R.  COULTHARD     Red Bull     +15 laps
R.  VETTEL        Toro Rosso   +36 laps
R.  FISICHELLA    Renault      +43 laps

Hamilton Starts 4th In Spa

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

After an eventful few days, racing was finally back on the agenda when qualifying finally got underway in Spa, Belgium.

Qualifying didn’t go as well as usual, Lewis Hamilton starts fourth in Spa. Well, that’s actually still pretty good for a rookie. The Ferarri’s with Kimi and Felipe start first and second, then Alonso followd by Lewis.

It looks like it’s gonna be a very interesting race on Sunday, not only because it’s Spa, but to see how Lewis can maneuver his way to the front past his team-mate and the Ferarri’s.

Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix Qualifying Results:

1.  RAIKKONEN      Ferrari
2.  MASSA          Ferrari
3.  ALONSO         McLaren
4.  HAMILTON       McLaren
5.  ROSBERG        Williams
6.  HEIDFELD       BMW
7.  WEBBER         Red Bull
8.  TRULLI         Toyota
9.  KOVALAINEN     Renault
10. SCHUMACHER     Toyota
11. COULTHARD      Red Bull
12. BUTTON         Honda
13. LIUZZI         Toro Rosso
14. KUBICA         BMW
15. WURZ           Williams
16. VETTEL         Toro Rosso
17. BARRICHELLO    Honda
18. SATO           Super Aguri
19. SUTIL          Spyker
20. DAVIDSON       Super Aguri
21. YAMAMOTO       Spyker
22. FISICHELLA     Renault

Hamilton Keeps Championship Points

Friday, September 14th, 2007

The FIA’s verdict did not cancel Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 World Championship points. But the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team has been excluded from the World Championship – causing it to lose out on $100 million of constructors prize money!

Now, if you ask me – $100 million isn’t exactly pocket change, how is this going to affect McLaren? Will next year’s car not be as competitive?

Obviously McLaren will keep on fighting in the championship as either of their drivers has a very strong possibility to win.

But you have to ask yourself about the honesty and integrity in Formula 1. Stuff like that must have been going on for quite some time – maybe even since the beginning of Formula 1, but now people are shocked when some things regarding spying on other teams is present in the media. They shouldn’t be! Of course I would prefer it if the sport is 100% clean – but with the sums of money involved it’s probably easier to be tempted to gain an advantage, nearly no matter how.

Whatever the real truths are, I just enjoy watching Lewis Hamilton race. It’s as simple as that! And I hope you do too.

McLaren & Hamilton At FIA World Motor Sport Council

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Formula 1 World Championship leader, Lewis Hamilton, will be attending the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris today. Ron Dennis, who’s team could suffer consequences as there is new evidence in the espionage case with Ferrari.

Pedro de la Rosa will also be present, Fernando Alonso is not in Paris but will be at the official pre-event press conference at the Belgian Grand Prix this afternoon.

McLaren Mercedes’ world championship points may be deducted or eligibility to compete in future races, but which ever way this all ends – it hasn’t been to good for McLaren or Formula 1.

I’m looking forward to the Belgian Grand Prix – I know Lewis Hamilton is.

Hamilton Finishes 2nd In Italy

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Fernando Alonso won the Italian Formula 1 race with Lewis Hamilton keeping his second starting position in Monza today.

Lewis Hamilton’s lead shrunk to only 3 points ahead of Fernando Alonso with 4 races to go (Belgium, Japan, China, Brazil).

The Formula 1 Championship is turning out to be very intense and hasn’t been this exciting for some time. It seems the championship is between Alonso and Hamilton unless they DNF a few races which is unlikely.

Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza Race Results:

1.  ALONSO        Mclaren      1h18m37.806s
2.  HAMILTON      McLaren      +6.0s
3.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari      +27.3s
4.  HEIDFELD      BMW          +56.5s
5.  KUBICA        BMW          +1m00.5s
6.  ROSBERG       Williams     +1m05.8s
7.  KOVALAINEN    Renault      +1m06.7s
8.  BUTTON        Honda        +1m12.1s
9.  WEBBER        Red Bull     +1m15.9s
10. BARRICHELLO   Honda        +1m16.9s
11. TRULLI        Toyota       +1m17.7s
12. FISICHELLA    Renault      +1 lap
13. WURZ          Williams     +1 lap
14. DAVIDSON      Super Aguri  +1 lap
15. R SCHUMACHER  Toyota       +1 lap
16. SATO          Super Aguri  +1 lap
17. LIUZZI        Toro Rosso   +1 lap
18. VETTEL        Toro Rosso   +1 lap
19. SUTIL         Spyker       +1 lap
20. YAMAMOTO      Spyker       +1 lap

R.  MASSA         Ferrari      +43 laps
R.  COULTHARD     Red Bull     +52 laps

Lewis Hamilton Starts 2nd In Italy

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Lewis Hamilton starts the Italian Grand Prix in Monza from second position, only 0.037 seconds behind Fernando Alonso.

The McLaren’s were very competitive throughout qualifying and the practice sessions and after qualifying they are leading the field by 0.5 seconds!

Let’s see if the Ferrari’s can be competitive with the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team in Monza tomorrow, otherwise it’ll just be Fernando Alonso racing Lewis Hamilton.

Heidfeld did very well in the BMW to start from fourth.

The qualifying results for the Italian Grand Prix:

1.  ALONSO        Mclaren      1m21.997s
2.  HAMILTON      McLaren      1m22.034s
3.  MASSA         Ferrari      1m22.549s
4.  HEIDFELD      BMW          1m23.174s
5.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari      1m23.183s
6.  KUBICA        BMW          1m23.446s
7.  KOVALAINEN    Renault      1m24.102s
8.  ROSBERG       Williams     1m24.382s
9.  TRULLI        Toyota       1m24.555s
10. BUTTON        Honda        1m25.165s
11. WEBBER        Red Bull     1m23.166s
12. BARRICHELLO   Honda        1m23.176s
13. WURZ          Williams     1m23.209s
14. DAVIDSON      Super Aguri  1m23.274s
15. FISICHELLA    Renault      1m23.325s
16. VETTEL        Toro Rosso   1m23.351s
17. SATO          Super Aguri  1m23.749s
18. R SCHUMACHER  Toyota       1m23.787s
19. LIUZZI        Toro Rosso   1m23.886s
20. COULTHARD     Red Bull     1m24.019s
21. SUTIL         Spyker       1m24.699s
22. YAMAMOTO      Spyker       1m25.084s