Lewis Hamilton finished 3rd in China

April 15th, 2012

Another good race for Lewis Hamilton. Lewis qualified 2nd in China but due to the gearbox change he received an 5-place grid place penalty resulting him starting from 7th position.

It was a good race and Lewis managed to get back up into 3rd position after Jenson Button in 2nd and first time winner Nico Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the race:

I had a great race! And, although neither Jenson nor I was sadly able to win, I’m really happy that Nico took his first win today, but I’m also really pleased for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team: both Jenson and I were able to get back on the podium and score some more good points.

It was a tough race, though: I’d love to have been able to challenge Nico, and I think maybe I’d have been able to if I’d started on the front row, but we still managed to move forwards from the start I had a lot of fun overtaking people too. I reckon I got everything out of the car that I possibly could.
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Lewis Hamilton finishes 3rd in Malaysia

March 25th, 2012

Lewis Hamilton after the race:

This was a tough but fascinating race – firstly, I want to offer my congratulations to Fernando [Alonso] and Sergio [Perez] – they both drove great races and did a fantastic job.

It was pretty eventful race: it was difficult trying to judge the best time to change from Extreme Wets to Intermediates, and we were probably a little late on that – but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Today wasn’t perfect – making the call for slicks is always a risk, and the others went a bit earlier than us. In general, we lost some time in the pitstops and I was pushed out of the fight somewhat. But, all in all, it’s been a positive weekend and I’m not too frustrated. My aim for this season was always to be consistent – I did it in 2007 so I’m trying to repeat that!
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Lewis Hamilton finishes 3rd in Melbourne

March 20th, 2012

Lewis Hamilton did very well by qualifying on pole position for the F1 season opener in Melbourne, Australia. The McLaren car looks to be in a much better shape now than it did at the beginning of the last two seasons.

However, the race did not go as well as Hamilton had hoped for. Jenson Button managed to overtake Lewis into the first corner as Hamilton was struggling with wheel-spin off the line. Then later Vettel managed to get into 2nd position during the safety car which was very unfortunate.

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the Australian grand prix:

Congratulations to Jenson and the whole team for such a great result today.

While it’s a bit disappointing not to have been able to convert pole position into victory, I’m not downhearted – there are still plenty of races ahead and lots more opportunities to score points.

I struggled out there a little – it wasn’t my day. But what’s most important is that we showed today that we have a very quick racing car – that’s a massive positive for the team.
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Lewis Hamilton has gearbox failure in Brazil

November 27th, 2011

An unfortunate DNF after Lewis Hamilton started from 4th position in Brazil and dropped to 5th behind Alonso in the first few corners who also nearly caught Jenson Button. Lewis was doing well and stayed closely behind Alonso until he started having gearshift issues…

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the race:

“At the start I wanted to avoid any aggro, and that meant I lost a position to Fernando. After that I had reasonably decent pace, and I was able to stay close to Fernando and Jenson until I encountered a gearbox problem.

“It occurred quite early on – I was having problems with first and second – and it meant I started losing quite a lot of time and Fernando and Jenson were able to pull away from me. The problem meant I stopped being able to make good, clean gearshifts. Then I lost seventh, and then the whole thing just let go.
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Super Lewis Hamilton Wins in Abu Dhabi

November 13th, 2011

What a fantastic race by Lewis Hamilton! Lewis has been very fast all weekend and was unlucky to miss out on pole position yesterday but performed superbly today, which is when it really mattered. A very strong performance by Lewis keeping Alonso behind him for most of the race.

Very glad things are looking up for Lewis. Another strong result in Brazil would be great to end the season on a high.

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the race:

This result is just fantastic. I’m usually my own biggest critic – I’m always hard on myself when I make mistakes – but I really felt like I maximised everything today. To be able to sustain that kind of pace, under constant pressure, and not make mistakes, is really satisfying.
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Lewis Hamilton qualified 2nd in Abu Dhabi

November 12th, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has been on fire throughout all the practice sessions. It looked like Lewis had the car hooked up perfectly and was going to have a blinder. He led all practice sessions by around half a second.

In qualifying Hamilton also looked supreme and continued to be on top in Q1 and Q2. Unfortunately in Q3 there was a bit more traffic on the second run (Alonso was about 2-3 seconds in front) and he didn’t manage to quite hook the lap up perfectly. Nevertheless, it’s great to see Lewis back fighting at the front. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s twilight race in Abu Dhabi!

Lewis Hamilton’s comments:

It would be nice to have had pole position, but that Red Bull, as always, is very quick in Q3! Still, we’ve got our car to a point where it works particularly well on certain tracks, and we always seem to go well here.
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Lewis Hamilton finished 7th in India

October 30th, 2011

I guess it was another one of those races, where things just didn’t work out in favour for Lewis. Hamilton lost a place to Massa in the first lap and only managed to hold the gap at around 2 seconds. Then on a new set of tyres Lewis seemed to be faster and Massa made a slight mistake allowing Hamilton to be within the DRS zone. Then as Lewis was about to overtake Massa closed the door and they collided. Massa got a drive-through penalty but it cost Lewis much more time as he had to get a new nose.
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Lewis Hamilton finishes 2nd in Korea

October 16th, 2011

Lewis Hamilton drove a very good race today in Korea. Lewis finished 2nd even though he started from pole position but the Red Bull’s just had a much faster race pace. Lewis did very well to manage to hold onto 2nd position with Mark Webber following Lewis closely and within the DRS zone for at least the last 15 laps.

Well done to Lewis and let’s hope he can keep up this good performance. The McLaren car is looking much better recently although still some way behind the Red Bulls.

Lewis Hamilton’s comments after the Korean F1 race:

This was one of my strongest races of the season. There was so much pressure from Mark [Webber] behind and it would have been so easy to make a mistake, lock up or go wide – but I’m really satisfied that I didn’t do so once. I believe that withstanding pressure is the mark of a world champion, and I think I showed that in today’s race.
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Lewis Hamilton is on pole in Korea

October 15th, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has been looking very well on track in the free practice sessions and in qualifying. You can really see Lewis is looking awesome in the car right now and I hope he’ll have great race. He didn’t look to happy in the press conference but I think he knows that you only get points on Sunday. After a few race wins (and by beating Jenson in the championship) he should have his mojo back very quickly and things should progress well from there.

In the race, if he stays out in front and pulls away from the pack he’s got every chance of winning the race – and boy do we want him to win! I can’t wait for the race. Set the alarm clock. Go Lewis!

Throughout the year, I don’t think my qualifying performances have been too bad – it’s only in the last two races that I didn’t manage to get my final run in Q3 – so today’s result wasn’t entirely unexpected. Still, we’ve been quick as a team and never stopped making improvements to the car. I’m so, so proud of all the men and women both here at the circuit and back at Woking who’ve worked so hard to get us back to where we want to be.
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Lewis Hamilton finishes 5th in Japan

October 9th, 2011

This was a disappointing race for me, but it was a great day for Jenson and the whole team. Jenson did a remarkable job today – he really deserved this victory, but it wasn’t a great one for me. Still, I’m going to keep my head up and look ahead to the next race where I’ll hopefully have another chance.
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